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YOUTH - New toolkit chapter of Chinese stooges & Congress Party to manufacture civil unrest in India

Opinion by NRI Herald Australia 29th January 2022

Terrorist Congress Party

India is growing at a lightning pace since PM modi took over the reign of India in 2014. As per world bank's latest report India will grow at the rate of approximately 9.5% in the current financial year in spite of corona pandemic still lingering (75% eligible population full vaccinated) whereas low paced China will grow at 6%. There are many stakeholders in the world including internal (Indian Congress Party - INC) who can't fathom the fact that a "chaiwallah" could run the country which was once their personal property. Riots, Internal conflicts have always been the ammunitions for such stakeholders in "Great Indian Loot".

It has been confirmed from a reliable source from the Indian government to NRI Herald Australia that Rahul Gandhi and chinese representatives (tea party) had a secret meeting during his last visit to create civil unrest before the 5 state elections, especially UP as UP is the biggest pain point for Indian National Congress which used to rule India's most populous state once upon a time, but it seems the plan failed. Since alleged Tea party Failed, the only option is "Civil Unrest".

India's ex PM Atal bihari Vajpayee once said that "Congress is more dangerous when out of power". As per latest report by India's Railways Intelligence (Times Now also reported the same, video below), congress party's youth wing has burnt a train in Bihar which is pointing in the same direction of manufactured civil unrest.

Let's look at the timeline of some of the events from the last 3 years which has either been checked or already fused by Indian government.

1st CAA/NRC - Check

2nd Corona Lockdown unrest - Checked

3rd FARMER - Check

4th Ordinance Factory - Fused

5th Bank - Check

6th doctor - Check

7th Air India & PSU - Pending


Egypt style uprising seems to be a new chapter of the congress toolkit. "The Students against Jobs in PSU and Government", Youth riots seems to be inevitable as alleged chinese stooge Subramanian Swamy warns Modi govt to come clean on Privatisation Rumours of Railways and repeated cancellations of recruitment exams in states. Swamy is not informing, He is warning about his alleged next plan in case he doesn't get Rajya Sabha seat.

The next toolkit before 2024 is Youth revolution like Arab Spring in Egypt. Chinese agent in and American proxy like "Swami" have given a hint.

China-"Strangle you with your own system"

China practices this with every nation. Either via Protest or Debt or uprising or court. Like BLM protest in US to uproot trump. In India, China is busy doing it via their proxies

For Example

  1. CAA/NRC - Check

  2. Corona Lockdown labor unrest - Checked

  3. FARMER - Check

  4. Ordnance Factory - Fused

  5. Bank - Check

  6. Doctor - Check

  7. Air India & PSU - Pending

China use so called "virat hindu" Mr Swami for going head-on with Modi as the FM post was declined. FM is one minister who hold key to everything but PM Modi, an astute politician knows very well how to keep such people away from the power which used to broker power once upon a time.

The other Proxy is governed from 10th Janpath Delhi (Sonia Gandhi's residence).

  1. Mom goes to the US only for the Toolkit strategy

  2. Alcoholic Daughter goes to Dubai for operations

  3. Duffer son goes to London and Italy to learn how to amplify as left wing extremist Media in India lives off with his posts and some popcorns type right wing fools who fall prey to political game of chess amplify Rahul's messages.

None of these three crosses each other in terms of visiting Places. They always travel at separate places so as to keep the planning discreet and people ask Questions to Modi while in bed having a morning tea because that's their fundamental right without a sense of any "DUTY" towards their Nation.


Youth might be instigated against Privatisation of PSUs so that Indian Govt cannot find its disinvestment target and lag on fiscal deficit leading to more borrowing from International Banks and Proxy banks like ADB, Japan, USA.

Dangerous game being played. Economically this will lead to inflation as govt will be forced to increase taxes to meet it's fiscal target.

Chinese Strategy since last 75 Years : Strangle you with your own system.

But, the question remains, are Indian's going to fall prey to this?

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