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Young NRIs attacked during "Tiranga Rally" by Radical Khalistani fringe elements in Ontario-Canada.

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

NRI Canada News by NRI Herald-July 1, 2021

In the afternoon hours of June 20, 2021, a small group of young NRIs mainly consisted of young people organized a tiranga rally in the Malton Skate park, Ontario-Canada calling for the support of Indian student Vishal Jood arrest in Australia. Several videos of the rally were also published later, which was making the rounds on the internet, saw the participation of multiple cars and was seen as a show of strength against the separatist Khalistani fringe elements in Canada.

The "Tiranga (Tricolor) Rally" supporters had already requested the local authorities to ensure the safety and security of its group members for this peaceful demonstration. By 3 pm, 50 vehicles gathered in the park and they had Indian flags on the cars for the purpose of peaceful demonstration while following the traffic rules and Covid-19 guidelines.

But before the peaceful "Tiranga Rally" supporters could even start their journey, a group of khalistani fringe elements already gathered in the same park standing in the opposite direction(picture shown below) while shouting “Khalistan Jindabad (Hail Khalistan)” slogans along with the flag.

Picture of Radical khalistani fringe elements of actual incident sourced by NRI herald

Some of the visitors felt the sensitivity of the situation in the park and immediately informed the police. The group of Khalistan fringe elements were seen carrying baseball bats, hockey sticks in their cars and Sharp in their pocket (pictures of original incident sourced by NRI Herald from its trusted source in canada, where a person could be seen carrying a sharp rod). Two police vehicles reached the location few minutes later and talked to the Khalistan group.

One of the participant of this "Tiranga Rally" talked to NRI herald on 2nd July 2021 over the phone on the condition of anonymity and said :

Khalistani fringe elements are disrupting the very way of life in Canada which we respect so much. Canada is not a safe place anymore for any peace loving person to live. These khalistanis are carrying deadly weapons with the clear intentions to kill Indian supporters. These people also have political support from dem's leaders and also get terror funding from different sources.

Another participant of this "Tiranga rally" talked to NRI herald on the condition of anonymity and narrated the entire incident :

After Police's assurance Indian diaspora started moving out of the park with their vehicles and they moved on the right side of the road to follow the traffic guidelines.

Few videos sourced by NRI Herald from social media showing how the Khalistani fringe group were abusing the Tiranga supporters in "Hinduphobic Terminologies" and blatant disrespect to local laws.

NRI Herald came to know in its investigation that Police tried to control the fringe elements but the last car of a Tiranga Rally supporter was made to stop by the fringe elements in the presence of police which Some of the Khalistani group members smashed the car window and one of the passenger got minor injuries as well. Car passengers immediately stopped the vehicle as they called the police for help and reported an incident to Brampton police. A case has been registered against the group.

NRI heralds further investigation has found out that the same khalistani fringe elements who resorted to damage of private vehicles in the peaceful Tiranga rally further resorted to damage of private properties by entering into indian diaspora's homes as well with a clear intention of causing death & bodily harm (below videos has been sourced by NRI Herald from the social media platforms)

Peaceful Tiranga rally supporters goes on to say that “The community decided to take the path of the law and let the Brampton Police handle it, as well as pressuring local MPs to handle the situation.”

another supporter of the Tiranga rally whose house and car has been damaged made the below statement to NRI Herald:

“As Canadians, we stand united with the multicultural society and uphold Canadian values. We will not accept hate or violence, no matter the origin, whether it be fellow Indians, or if it is other communities. Hate is simply not acceptable in Canadian culture,” Indian students said.

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