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Australian-Indian community leader Yogesh Khattar who helped Vishal Jood to get justice, ATTACKED!

News Published by NRI Herald 14 october 2021

Vishal Jood will be released from Parramatta Jail after completing his sentence on 15th October 2021

A fake image on tiktok which has also been shared by one of the Australian news portal is being circulated in social media has created a controversy among Indian diaspora in Australia

The image say that a victory rally is being organised on 15th October 2021, timing 1 PM to 4 PM at Harris Park to Murugan Temple showing the face of Indian Community Leader Mr Yogesh Khattar. The snapshot has also been shared by NRI affairs.

Khalistani extremist angle as #VishalJood's release date nears

The story goes a few months back when violent Khalistani elements of Sydney attacked Indian International Students for opposing their propaganda.

Mr Khattar helped and supported one such student Vishal Jood to fight his legal case who got entangled in a conspiracy of Khalistani elements.

After a successful plea bargain, Vishal Jood is supposed to be released from NSW Prison on 15 October 2021 (Friday) and the whole Khalistani gang is irked about it.

Mr Khattar told NRI Herald:

“On Wednesday 13 October afternoon I received a call from NSW Police Multicultural liaison officer about a video floating on a social media platform. I told her on the phone that I had no idea about any video and have not seen it. This video apparently had appeal for a ‘Victory rally’ on Vishal Jood’s release. And surprisingly it had my picture and phone number,”

Mr Khattar further said:

"criminals supported by Khalistani extremists are dangerous for Australian Society and could seriously fracture the Australian way of life. I have been attacked today by these fringe elements, someone else could be attacked tomorrow. I will stand tall with justice and have full faith in Australian judicial system"

Media Portal peddling Fake news

During our research NRI Herald found that facebook users were sharing and commenting the news published by this news portal without even considering to blur the picture of Mr Khattar whose life, reputation and property could be in danger even though the article published by the portal itself says that Mr Khattar has clarified himself that the "snapshot is fake". The news portal have blurred the picture now but it seems the damage was done already. NRI Herald has blurred the picture (in red box) of Mr Khattar in the below fake snapshot for his safety, security & privacy. Their are people who have reacted and have written comments on this facebook post (as per the below snapshot)

NRI Affairs Fake news Peddler

While talking to NRI Herald Mr Khattar said:

"A Tik-Tok image is being circulated on social media with my photo and contact details on it, claiming that there is a rally being organised on 15 October 2021 in support of Vishal Jood. "

"The image is fraudulent. No such rally is being organised on 15 October 2021. I am not the author of the post. My photograph and personal details have been used in the image without my knowledge or consent."

"I have made a formal complaint about this fraudulent post to police today."

"Any media site publishing the image, which includes my photograph and personal details, must remove the image forthwith. Legal proceedings will be commenced against any media site that continues to publish the image."

Mr Khattar's Business Property is attacked by criminals

While having further conversation, Mr Khattar told NRI Herald that number of people have attacked his business premises and have damaged the scooters of delivery boys after this fake news peddled.

with concern, Mr. Khattar further said:

"Necessary legal action has been initiated against all the people including the media portal who have put my life, property and reputation in danger by sharing my photograph without my consent to pedal this Fake news"

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