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Vishal Jood early release : Anti-Indians & propagandists resort to perversion on Social Media.

News published by NRI Herald, 02 september 2021

Vishal Jood early release : Anti-Indians & Hinduphobic resort to perversion on Social Media.

In the wee hours of 2nd september 2021 a good news of early release of Vishal Jood came which every Indian nationalist who is in love of his/her "Tiranga" was waiting for the last 6 months in which the indian international student Vishal jood was jailed on fake charges of "racial hate" by khalistani fringe elements. These khalistani fringe elements make use of their "different looks" to gain media sympathy in the name of "multiculturalism" and use it to target the innocents who does not bend his/her knees. Vishal Jood is one such name who did not bend his knees but stood tall for his national flag.

Once the news reported by The Australia Today and NRI Herald in the morning of 2nd september 2021, propaganda machinery of the khalistani fringe elements and fake farmer protesters in sydney & canada got active and they started publishing all perverted news which suits their agenda.

One such twitter user whose profile says "canada" posted a fake and religiously abusive post referring to old tribune's post of January 2021 which stated:

Fake farmer khalistani
Want to share good news on the #FarmersProtest. The Sanghi goon, Vishal Jood, who was arrested in Australia for attacking Sikhs (who were protesting against the Indian Govt) has been DENIED BAIL. He will continue to rot in jail & the next hearing is on Jan 27, 2022.

NRI Herald would like to clarify that the above user is a pathological fake news peddler and anti-indian fringe element whose tweets are either full of hatred towards India or totally fake.

One of the other twitter handle "Tikri Updates" (Tikri is the border where all the fake farmers are protesting for last 1 year) wrote a hateful post which stated:

Vishal Jood, the BJP pawn who attacked farmer’s supporters in Sydney & Tiranga yatra was organized against his arrest by BJP, has been convicted. He pleaded guilty& sentence is due for 2nd September.

Another such Khalistani supporter posted a hateful and abusive comment on facebook against the post published on one of the biggest facebook group "Desi in Sydney"

Vishal Jood

to which many people rejoiced and posted:

Vishal Jood

Dr Vijay Chauthaiwale In-Charge, Foreign Affairs Dept, Bharatiya Janata Party, India tweeted with the reference of The Australia Today news:

#Breaking: Indian International Student Vishal Jood will be released on 15 October

NRI Herald would like to request all its readers with folded hands to not to fall in trap of such fake news peddlers who don't want to see indian community progress. Their only agenda is to divide us and fight among ourselves. Haters will always hate. For correct and latest news please follow NRI herald on Insta, FB & Twitter @nriherald

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