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#Breaking: Vishal Jood's assault Case- Statements emerged from 2 witnesses present at the scene.

#Breaking news reported by NRI Herald Australia 19 September 2021

Slogans at so called Farmer Rally where the Mob was shouting "Raj Karega Khalsa", "Modi Kutta" and "Modi Murdabad" which Vishal Jood Objected

In a recent development of Vishal Jood's case, his lawyers – Opal Legal have today provided Riverstone Police with statements from two witnesses who were present at the Quaker’s Hill Farmer’s Rally in December 2020 where Vishal was viciously assaulted by a mob. NRI Herald in one its last report (published on 9 September 2021) reported that Vishal Jood was assaulted in the Anti-india protests on 6 December 2020 by fringe elements for which complaint has been filed at Sydney Quakers Hills Patrol Command.

Evidence has emerged that:

  • The mob took umbrage to Vishal and his friends who were chanting Jai Kisan Jai Jawan (Victory to Farmers; Victory to Soldiers), Bharat Mata Ki Jai (Victory to Mother India) and Hindustan Zindabad (Victory to India).

  • They were further enraged when Vishal stood on a park bench and unfurled the Tiranga.

  • The mob tried to grab the Indian flag from Vishal.

  • Part of the mob separated Vishal from his friends. Seven to eight of them assaulted Vishal’s friend. Some of the assaulters were armed with tree branches.

One of the mob who assaulted both Vishal and his friend is shown on the picture below in a black turban, grey T shirt and blue jeans:

  • The mob were shouting "Raj Karega Khalsa", "Modi Kutta" and "Modi Murdabad".

  • A senior police officer, in uniform, was standing nearby and observed the assault on Vishal.

Riverstone police have commenced an investigation into the incident.

On 9 September 2021, Opal Legal had lodged a complaint with Quakers Hill Police about the assault on Vishal which NRI herald also reported on the same day. In that complaint, Vishal's Lawyers had provided videos and photos of the incident and descriptions of the attackers, including the image below:

NRI Herald from its sources has also got some footage from the day of those incidents where you can see the mob using derogatory language for the PM of India. The language used by the mob on the 6th December 2020 could be easily termed as Sedition as per Indian Law - Viewer's Discretion advised while watching this video.

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