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Victoria Swastika Ban- Aussie netizens protest on twitter with #AntiHinduDanAndrews & #StopHinduHate

News Published by NRI Herald Australia, 04 September 2021

Victoria Swastika Ban - Australian netizens protest on twitter with #AntiHnduDanAndrews
Hindu Swastika symbol tweeted by Australians

After NRI herald reported on 3rd September 2021 about the proposed ban by Labor Party governed Victoria on hindu sacred symbol of Swastika. Australian netizens choose to protest in a unique manner on twitter by sharing the photographs of the Swastika from their homes. #AntiHinduDanAndrews & #StopHinduHate kept on trending on twitter over entire saturday evening, against this draconian law which if passed in victorian parliament might stip away the right of thousands of Hindus living in Australia from their right to display the ancient and utmost sacred symbol of "Swastika"

Their were total 7.5K potential impacts which included multiple retweets, likes of the unique tweets till 4 pm on 4th September 2021 (Saturday) evening which could reach over 15,000 impacts by 5th September 2021 (Sunday) morning.

In one such tweet by Prashant Sharma where @nriherald was tagged said:

This Swastika, was drawn at the entrance of my home more than 2 years ago and will remain there forever. Noone, I repeat, No one has the right to demonise our sacred symbol and we will never let that happen.

In another tweet by the twitter user Sandeep Dankhar sounded concerned about his safety being a hindu in victoria and asked from victorian government:

#Swastika is my Holy sign & I keep it always in my car. What's the guarantee that police won’t criminalise me as I am hindu & nothing to do with Nazi symbol! stop attacking Hindus

In another tweet by the twitter user Umang Chauhan said:

The swastika is a symbol of the Hindu religion that has been used on auspicious occasions for millennia. I condemn the proposal of victorian parliament to ban Hindu Swastika

In another tweet by one of the twitter user he asked from the Premier of Victoria:

Why attack my exercise of faith by banning swastika @DanielAndrewsMP ?

to which another user replied and requested the premier of Victoria

We just wish that the Victorian Labor Government would take cognition Hindus Swastika and differentiate. We urge @DanielAndrewsMP to recognise our Hindu Swastika which is so respected.

in another reply by Sarah L Gates, where she said:

Who could ban this beautiful sign of peace and auspiciousness? This injustice is overdue for truth telling and proper community education.

Another Twitter user tweeted the symbol of "Swastika" displayed on his new Mercedes Benz, which many hindus display in the honour of hindu goddess Laxmi and said:

Adorning our joys big & small- a symbol of divinity, auspiciousness & well-being. Swastika is a symbol of our ancient heritage & pride for Hindus, Buddhists & Jains across the world for thousands of years

There were many such tweet which filled the tweeter on Saturday, in another such tweet with "Swastika" where NRI Herald was tagged, said:

No one can stop me from following my faith.Swastik is the sacred Hindu symbol from eternity & has got nothing to do with Nazis.Get well soon @DanielAndrewsMP stop Hindu hate …

Another twitter user tweeted the photo of her house gate with "Swastika" symbols and showed her concern to the government :

Stop treating #Hindus like second class citizens @DanielAndrewsMP Victorian Hindus need good representation as @KaushaliyaMP has failed to do her job #AntiHinduDanAndrews#stophinduhate#Hinduphobic

Another twitter user said:

Indian researchers have found that Swastika is much older than the Aryans and even the Indus Valley Civilization.

Another user tweeted:

Today Swastik, tomorrow om & later Hinduism. Such a shame @DanielAndrewsMP. Stop being Anti Hindu. We Hindus treat everyone as one family irrespective of country religion and caste. #Hinduphobia is real

Some of the tweets were simply hashtags but with clear messages aiming at the anti Hindu policies of victorian government:

It seems from the above tweets which are only a drop in the hundreds of concerns raised during entire Saturday evening which clearly shows that Australian Hindus are either concerned about their safety or about their basic fundamental rights of practicing their religion as any other Australians. NRI Herald hopes government of victoria would take the concerns of Australian netizens on record for a conductive solution without hurting the sentiments of almost 700,000 hindus living all across Australia.

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