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Thousands hit street after poor Hindu Tailor beheaded ISIS style by 2 Radical Islamists in India.

Global news by NRI Herald Australia, 29 June 2022

Islamists beheaded Poor Hindu man in congress ruled Rajasthan, Udaipur
Image Source: Social Media

NEW DELHI — Tensions are high in India’s western Udaipur city which is in left wing and alleged anti-hindu political party 'congress' ruled Rajasthan, a day after police arrested two Muslim men named accused of slitting a Hindu tailor’s throat in a brutal attack that highlights a dramatic escalation of intolerance among Islamists in India. The Hindu man, Kanhaiya Lal, was stabbed multiple times Tuesday inside his tailoring shop by two cleaver-wielding Muslim men who also filmed the attack and posted it online, police said, warning that the incident could inflame religious tensions and lead to violence.

The below video showed the assailants openly brandishing the weapon of murder and threatening that PM Modi will also face the same fate.

TV reports aired video of Lal lying on the ground with his throat slit. The two Muslim men later claimed responsibility for the killing in another video and accused Lal of blasphemy. They also threatened to kill Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the same manner, brandishing the blood-stained weapons they used to attack Lal.

The radical killers in yesterday's Udaipur beheading may have been linked to a Pakistani Islamic Terrorist organisation Dawat-e-Islami, which in turn is connected to the Islamic extremist group Tehreek-e-Labbaik : Hindustan Times Reports

As per other reports, Rajasthan Police even arrested murdered Kanhaiya Kumar earlier on 10th June for supporting Nupur Sharma's statement; Was later released on Bail: ADG Rajasthan. Instead of Providing Security for threats, Police arrested the victim.

As per reports, after family of the deceased refused to move the body, agreement between administration and family in Udaipur Islamist terror violence case had been reached and the family of the murdered Kanhaiya Lal agreed to shift the dead body to the mortuary.

As per the below written complaint of Kanhaiya Lal to Udaipur Police of 15th June 2022:

  1. After that he started receiving multiple threats

  2. Udaipur Police was well aware of the gravity of situation.

As per sources, His own neighbour Nazim set him up. They shared his picture and address in their WhatsApp group n said wherever this man is seen, kill him. Two Islamists who had brutally beheaded a tailor in Udaipur for posting a social media message in support of former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma have been arrested. The brutal killers were arrested from the neighbouring district of Rajsamand.

Radical Islamists also resort to heavy stone pelting

As per reports, police have faced serious injuries after radical Islamists also resort to heavy stone pelting in various areas of Udaipur, Rajasthan. One of the below sourced video is shown below.

Section 144 has been imposed all across Rajasthan.

Heavy crowd and chants of Jai Shree Ram at the funeral of murdered kanhaiya lal

Various Indian news channels have reported that people demand Culprits to be hanged immediately. Postmortem reveals 26 wounds on Kanhaiya's body, 8 to 10 on neck.

One of the below video of India's news channel "Nav Bharat" shows how entire Udaipur is shocked over the blatant killing of a poor Hindu man by radical and came on streets i protest.

Mr Amit Shah, Union Minister of Internal Affairs India informed via tweet that

"MHA has directed the National Investigation Agency (NIA) to take over the investigation of the brutal murder of Shri Kanhaiya Lal Teli committed at Udaipur, Rajasthan yesterday. The involvement of any organisation and international links will be thoroughly investigated"- said Mr Amit Shah

Strategic political affairs expert, Regional Head of the British Center for Middle East Studies and Research & Writer, Mr Amjad Taha tweeted:

"The #Udaipur attack is seen as Islamist terrorism targeting Hindus. Condemn it. Join India in battling terrorists. Do those who called for a boycott of India over one man want Indians to boycott all Muslims today? The response is no. We stand united"- Said Mr Amjad
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