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Run-Trudeau-Run : "KARMA" strikes back at Canadian PM, who once supported the protests in India.

News by NRI Herald Australia 5th Feb 2022

Justine Trudeau is a terrorist

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family were taken to an undisclosed location as thousands of demonstrators protesting Covid-19 vaccine mandates gathered in Ottawa, the country’s capital, on Saturday.

Trudeau recently went into isolation, and has been working remotely, after one of his children tested positive for Covid-19.

family were forced to #flee their home on Saturday and relocate to a hidden location claiming security concerns, after thousands of truckers protested against Canadian government's vaccine mandate in the city. The truckers' demonstrations gained momentum once farmers joined them with their tractors, making the situation tough for PM. A convoy of 2700 trucks arrived Ottawa on .Saturday to protest against Justin Trudeau's 'undemocratic Covid-19 policies, which include compulsory vaccination for truckers crossing the US-Canada border.

Canadian PM tweeted in frustration and called the protestors "disgusting":

"I know this pandemic is frustrating. It’s frustrating that, after two years, we’re not done fighting COVID-19. But over the past few days, Canadians have been shocked – and, frankly, disgusted – by the behaviour displayed by some people protesting in our nation’s capital."
Justine Trudeau called Truckers Disgusting

The protesting truck drivers also got the support of #ElonMusk, the owner of #Tesla company. Musk tweeted, 'Canadian truck drivers rule' and now the echo of this movement is being seen in America. The protest has been dubbed the 'Freedom convoy, and it has garnered support from famous personalities including Donald Trump Jr, Joe Rohan, and comedian Russell Brand

#Truckers entered into the Canadian capital from all sides, blocking the main street near the Canadian Parliament. #Protests erupted in the western part of the country after the government imposed a 14-day mandatory home quarantine for unvaccinated truckers who had crossed the US-Canada border.

India's senior journalist also tweeted:

"क्रमों का खेल …. Karma Strikes harder #Trudeau supported Tractors protests in Delhi last year on Jan 26th,and now #JustinTrudeau & his family ran away to secret location due to security threat. In Canada, #TruckersFreedomProtests intensifies, with lakhs on streets"
Justine Trudeau is a terrorist

The protest is backed by the conservative groups and opponents of Trudeau. The exemption for truckers from the vaccine mandate was lifted by the Canadian government, meaning that Canadian truck drivers must be fully #vaccinated in order to avoid a two-week #quarantine and a pre-arrival COVID-19 molecular test before entering the country.

His vaccine strategy comes at a time when Canada is suffering with rising #inflation and supply chain challenges brought on due to the #Coronavirus outbreak, harsh weather, and a labour shortage. It should be noted that truckers who bring food and grains across the border are extremely important to Canada's economy. According to the Canadian Trucking Alliance, the new vaccine mandate might result in the elimination of around 16000 truckers from the road.

The so-called “Freedom Convoy” started out as a rally of truckers against a vaccine mandates for cross-border drivers, but turned into a demonstration against government overreach, including vaccine passports and lockdowns, during the pandemic. Many arrived in the capital from various part of the country and laid siege to Parliament Hill, the seat of power.

Some parked on the grounds of the National War Memorial and danced on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, others carried signs and flags with swastikas and some used the statue of Canadian hero Terry Fox to display an anti-vaccine statement, sparking widespread condemnation.

KARMA strikes back at Canada PM, who once supported the protests in India.

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