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#Breaking-NZ Cricket Team abandons PAK tour amid PAK's IS threats, Pakistanis dare PCB to boycott NZ

News Published by NRI Herald Australia, 17 September 2021

#Breaking-New Zealand Team abandons Pakistan tour in between amid Islamic State (Pakistan) threats.

Former Taliban commander Ehsanullah Ehsan says the IS set-up in Pakistan is preparing for an attack on New Zealand players.

New Zealand’s cricket tour of Pakistan has come to a halting end due to terror threat with an imminent possibility of the touring cricketers being attacked by one of the many terror groups active in the volatile region. Considering Pakistan is a biggest sponsor of terror in south Asia as alleged by many, the decision taken by the Kiwi team seems to be right.

This tour was scheduled to be held from 17 September to 3 October. The match schedule was announced by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) on 5 August. The PCB also thanked New Zealand Cricket (NZC) for agreeing to play two additional T-20 matches.

Former Taliban commander Ehsanullah Ehsan, who was closely associated with one of the factions of Taliban before agreeing to surrender to the Pakistan army in 2017 and then escaping from their “in-home” custody in January 2020, said that the Islamic State (IS) set-up in Pakistan was engaged in preparing for the attack on New Zealand players.

It is pertinent to mention that the cadre comprising these Pakistan-based terror groups move from one organization to the other and someone who is today allied to the Islamic State might tomorrow join the Jaish-e-Mohammed or Lashkar-e-Tayyaba.

ESPN Sports via its twitter account said:

The cancellation of New Zealand's tour of Pakistan will worry the PCB ahead of what is a busy home international season

ICC tweets:

The Black Caps have abandoned the tour of Pakistan following a security alert from the New Zealand government.

PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) wrote series of tweets after this news. In one such tweet PCB says:

PCB is willing to continue the scheduled matches. However, cricket lovers in Pakistan and around the world will be disappointed by this last minute withdrawal.

One of the twitter user with Indian Captain's Virat Kohli cover pic pointed out the spelling mistake in PCB's tweet.

One of the Twitter user with Pakistani flag in his profiles says in urdu:

Bangladesh successfully hosted a team that we could not even host a match. Now we will be humiliated by the people of India and Bangladesh What will we cricket fans answer to them?

Another Pakistani Twitter user dared PCB:

Show some guts and never tour Newzealand for atleast 10 years and don't Select Any Of the New Zealand Players in PSL

Another twitter user writes:

We should also stop all types of cricket with NZ immediately because they are just doing this for the gladness of India

As usual Islamists in Pakistan also blamed India like they always do for everything. One of the pakistani writes:

They had been practicing for five days then the security was fine. Suddenly someone blew in their ears before the match. This is a dirty game. Our neighboring country

One of the Pakistani lady writes:

I won't be surprised if India is behind all this. Recently BCCI threatened cricket boards not to send their players in Pakistan. Security was very tight so don't make excuses. It is also a possibility to send fake security alerts to NZ Government.

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