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Khalistan Terror: Extremists attack Sacred Maa Kali Hindu Temple in India's Punjab, FIR Filed.

News by NRI Herald Australia 30 April 2022

Khalistani Sikh Terrorists
Picture Source: Opindia

During the wee hours of 29th April 2022, Clashes erupted between Khalistan supporters and members of a Hindu organisation outside the hallowed Ma Kali Temple in Punjab’s Patiala on Friday. The incident took place during the ‘Khalistan Murdabad’ march carried out by Shiv Sena Bal Thackeray when Khalistan supporters attacked the march with stones and swords.

As per reports from Indian media, Stones were hurled and swords brandished as the Khalistan supporters ran amok, barging into the Ma Kali Temple in Patiala. The skirmishes reportedly broke out after Khalistan supporters raised slogans hailing Khalistan and attacking the participants of the ‘Khalistan Murdabad’ march. The armed Sikh mob which was a part of the pro-Khalistan rally organised in opposition to the ‘Khalistan Murdabad’ march attacked the Kali Mata Temple after Hindus had taken shelter inside the temple premises.

Videos of Khalistan supporters hurling stones and raising slogans in support of Khalistan have emerged on social media.

In one of the videos that have emerged on social media, a bevvy of protesters could be seen blocking a roundabout in Patiala and shouting “Khalistan Zindabad” slogans.

As per reports, several people have been injured in the clashes. The police reached the spot shortly after the riots broke out between the two sparring parties. The law enforcement officials fired in the air to control the situation. However, a Hindu leader, Karmaveer Singh, was injured, along with SHO Tripathi.

SHO Tripathi was attacked by Khalistan supporters with a sword, a report published in Dainik Jagran said. Around 15 rounds of aerial shots were fired by the police to bring the situation under control.

As per reports from India's online portal OpIndia, Harish Sangla, the Punjab working head of Shiv Sena Bal Thackeray, said about the clashes that erupted between Khalistan supporters and Hindus. Sangla said a ‘Khalistan Murdabad’ march was organised by his party to protest against a small section of Khalistan supporters harbouring secessionist mentality.

“We had organised a ‘Khalistan Murdabad’ march to mark our protest against a minuscule section of people who are still harbouring secessionist ideology and support the idea of Khalistan. This march was against proponents of Khalistan who have caused grave pain to the people of Punjab, who were victims of Khalistani terrorism and had lost their loved ones to it. Our protest was against Khalistan and we will never allow Punjab to become Khalistan,” Sangla said.
He further added, “Initially, a handful of pro-Khalistan supporters tried to stop our march but we drove them. Then, they brought with them a large number of people to attack the Kali Mata Temple.”

Meanwhile, Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann termed the clashes “unfortunate” and claimed that the “situation is under control”.

He said, “I spoke with the DGP, peace has been restored in the area. We are closely monitoring the situation and will not let anyone create disturbance in the state. Punjab’s peace and harmony are of utmost importance.”

Following the clashes, the situation remains tense in and around the Kali Mata Temple. At present, the temple has been closed for devotees and a large contingent of police personnel has been deployed at the place to maintain law and order.