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Tejasvi Surya's Parramatta event was a grand success. Aussie-Indians line up to meet Tejasvi.

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

News by NRI Herald Australia 03 June 2022

Tejasvi Surya Parramatta Australia
Picture Source: Social Media ; Tejasvi Surya

Tejasvi Surya, the Member of the Indian Parliament from Bengaluru South constituency and the national president of BJYM currently on a tour of Australia to address the Australian Indian Youth Dialogue (AIYD) along with other mega-events with the Aussie-Indian Community across Australia.

A recently concluded event where Tejasvi Surya addressed over 200+ Australian-Indians in Parramatta (Sydney) has turned out to be a mega success. The success of the Parramatta event has resonated all across Australia so much that multiple requests are being made via appropriate channels to host Tejasvi in more such events - sources told NRI Herald.

NRI Herald media team personally captured the Paramatta event which was jam-packed with over 200+ participants.

The event was live telecasted on Twitter where Tejasvi addressed multiple issues like the scope of collaboration between Indian & Australian youth, India's growing might in the technology space, and Collaboration spaces where Indian & Aussie youth can come together. etc

While exclusively talking to the NRI Herald media team Tejasvi Surya addressed multiple questions pertaining to his visit to Australia and replied:

"Both India & Australia are vibrant democracies. I see great opportunities for the youth of both the countries in future"-Said Tejasvi Surya

In one of the other issues of delay in 'Parents Visa' in Australia which has particularly affected the Aussi-Indian diaspora, Tejasvi replied affirmatively and said:

"I am meeting some Australian Parliamentarians in the coming days and will definitely raise the issue of delay in Parents visa with them in coming days"- said Tejasvi Surya

While talking to NRI Herald one of the organiser of the Paramatta event said:

"We received the request from more number of people than the limited number of seats available at the venue. We had to respectfully said no to some of them. Tejasvi is a youth icon and have great fan following among youth worldwide so over booking was expected but we had to say no to some of them due to limited seating capacity"- said one of the organiser

While addressing the crowd of the Aussie-Indian community during his speech, Tejasvi also said:

"I respect Jews a lot and their grit against the tyrannical forces is commendable. The Jews holocaust is being reminded all across the world. I would request Hindu community in Australia to kindly work toward the construction of Hindu Holocaust museum here as world should know about the Hindu persecution as well like they know about Jew Holocaust"-Tejasvi said

Aussie Indian Community leaders attend Tejasvi Surya's Parramatta event in mass numbers

While talking to NRI Herald one of the renowned names and an exceptional Aussie-Indian community leader Mr. Yogesh Khattar who was also present at the paramatta event said:

Tejasvi Surya Australia, Yogesh Khattar
Picture Source: Twitter ; Mr Yogesh Khattar
"Lion will keep on moving forward and all the voices of propaganda against Tejasvi Surya will be crushed"-Mr Khattar said

While talking to the NRI Herald Mr. Rahul Jethi (General Secretary of OFBJP) in Australia also said that:

"Tejasvi Surya is a masses leader and he is a youth icon so people look upto him that whatever comes from him has got substance, makes them feel proud about their heritage and the country they come from and I think that is the hallmark of Tejasvi Surya" - said Rahul Jethi

NRI Herald also had a word with one of the members of OFBJP , grassroot karyakarta (worker), and a well-known name among Aussie-Indian social circles 'Mr. Sachin Gaur' said:

Tejasvi Surya Australia
Picture Source: Social Media ; Sachin Gaur
"As an OFBJP member I believe that Tejasvi Surya ji’s visit will create a much needed awareness in youth about our Hindu values/Indian culture as well as apprise the larger audience about the developmental works being conducted in India to make our country the super power in this world"- Mr Sachin Gaur said
"In one way his visit will aid in enhancing comprehensive knowledge on the values & culture which will enable youth to proudly reclaim & ratify their culture. The other aspect of his visit will prove to strengthen the political & trade relationship between the two countries. This is a welcome visit specially after the recent change in dispensation here in Australia"- Mr Sachin Gaur added

Anti-Hindu Anti-India Cabal attacks Tejasvi

There are various Islamists, serial Hindu haters, and Anti-India elements in Australia which as usual tried to peddle fake news and propagate hate-mongering against Tejasvi's visit but it seems the Aussie-Indian community has welcomed Tejasvi with open hands and propaganda fails when its based on lies.

In one such tweet after being rattled to see the success of the Parramatta event one of the alleged serial Islamist supporter, Hindu-hater, and often a fake news pedlar 'CJ Werleman' said on twitter:

This is Tejasvi_Surya, the president of BJP4India , on Australian soil, encouraging violence against Muslims by equating them with Nazis, saying, “The Islamic chapter in India is bloodiest chapter in the history of the world.” THIS. IS. A. VIOLATION. OF. HIS, VISA!- Wermelan said

NRI Herald would like to clarify its readers that CJ Wermelan has not sought any permission while reproducing & using NRI Herald live video content (IP solely owned by NRI Herald) while writing his tweet which contains incorrect information as Tejasvi is not the president of BJP but the national president of BJYM (Bhartiya Janta Yuva Morcha). Tejasvi neither encouraged violence during the event nor did he say anything hateful against any community but only stated facts from the William Durant (Historian book).

Below video also shows the similar facts from India's renowned historian "Vikram Sampath"

Below is the actual extract from the Will Durant's Book : The Story of Civilization Part 1

Actual extract from the Will Durant's Book : The Story of Civilization Part 1
Picture Source: Actual extract from the Will Durant's Book : The Story of Civilization Part 1

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