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Indian diaspora 'Thrilled' as India's youth leader & Parliamentarian Tejasvi Surya visits Australia.

News by NRI Herald Australia, 28 May 2022

Picture Source: Social Media ; AIYD , Tejasvi Surya

"Tejasvi Surya represents a new generation of Indian political leaders who will lead India into the 21st century."

In a much awaited event being organised by AIYD (Australian Indian Youth Dialogue) in Australia has created quite an 'excitement' and 'thrill' among Indian-Aussie youth. AIYD which is a non-profit organisation provides a sustainable platform for the youth of Australia and India to come together and foster an enduring partnership announced on it's official FB page:

"AIYD is pleased to announce the first and inaugural edition of AIYD’s Emerging Leaders Retreat 2022 to be held in Melbourne, Australia. 20 of AIYD’s star alumni from the last 9 years from various fields will attend the retreat."-said AIYD

The announcement of AIYD about one of their guest "Tejasvi Surya", who also have the twitter following of over 1.1 million have created an atmosphere of excitement among Indian-Aussie diaspora especially among those who have keen interest and sense of global polity and draw inspiration out of it.

Picture Source : AIYD FB page

About Tejasvi Surya

Tejasvi Surya represents a new generation of Indian political leaders who will lead India into the 21st century.

Tejasvi Surya is the Member of Parliament from Bengaluru South constituency, often referred to as India’s Silicon Valley. He was elected to the Lok Sabha in the 2019 general election. Only 28 years old then, Surya emerged as an important symbol of the youth playing a crucial role in India’s polity, a cornerstone of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s scheme of things. In 2020, Surya took over as the National President of the BJP’s youth wing, the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM). The BJYM is the largest political youth organization in the world.

A lawyer by training and profession, Surya had a deep interest in history, philosophy, science and civilisational studies from a young age. His lectures and articles on these issues have had a large audience.

Ever since he was elected, Surya has taken up Bengaluru’s urban mobility crisis on a war footing, and has worked to get speedy clearances of big-ticket public transport solutions for the city.

Surya represents a constituency known for both Masala Dosa and Machine Learning. It’s a constituency where Filter Coffee and Filter Array JavaScript also go hand in hand. Therefore, Surya has left no stone unturned in harnessing technology to make government relief schemes and systems more transparent and accessible to the public.

He suggested various tech alterations to the BBMP’s (Bengaluru’s Municipal Corporation) Hospital Management Software during the COVID-19 pandemic, freeing up around 1,500 hospital beds for the use of affected citizens. He also devised the National Teleconsultation Helpline of the BJYM using a cloud calling software, which provided free consultation for over 6,500 patients.

As a parliamentarian, Surya has taken up issues of regional and national importance. From demanding the primacy of vernacular languages in central recruitment examinations to demanding the applicability of NRC throughout India, from advocating for reforms in the electronics policy to advocating for the accountability of intermediaries, Surya has been a strong voice for progressive reforms in Parliament.

As a member of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Information Technology and Office of Profit, he also performs the important role of parliamentary oversight.

While talking to NRI Herald Australia one of the leader among India-Australia community Mr Yogesh Khattar said:

Yogesh Khattar welcomes Tejasvi Surya in Australia
Picture Source: Social Media ; Yogesh Khattar
"We just wanted to express our deep gratitude for the dedicated work Tejasvi is doing day after day. the happiness, honor, success and good name, all is dependent on way in which one lives during his youthful days."- Mr Yogesh khattar said
"We are excited about the visit of Tejasvi Surya and looking forward to welcome him in Australia"- Mr Khattar added

While talking to NRI Herald Mr Jay Shah (President- Overseas Friends of BJP Australia) said

Picture Source: Twitter ; Mr Jay Shah
"Tejasvi Surya represents a new generation of Indian political leaders who will lead India into the 21st century. We are excited about the visit of Tejasvi Surya in Australia and looking forward to listen to him in the youth dialogue"-Mr Shah said

While talking to NRI Herald Australia another resident of Melbourne and an astute voice on social issues among Australia-Indian diaspora Ms Bharti Kundal said about the visit of Tejasvi to Australia.

"One of the most talented and well read MPs .A warm welcome to him."- Ms Kundal said
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