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Hindu girl ends life after Christian Missionary school in India's Tamil Nadu forced her to convert.

News by NRI Herald Australia 23 Jan 2022

Picture Source: Twitter- Hindu Ecosystem

In a recent heart wrenching incident which came in light from Indian state of Tamil Nadu which is being ruled by DMK, one of the ally India's left wing extremist party congress, whereby a Hindu girl committed suicide after being forced by her Christian missionary school's administration to convert to Christianity.

As per reports, when "Lavanya" refused to get converted, the school administration cancelled her leave application for Pongal Celebrations and forced her to do chores like cleaning toilets of the school, cooking and washing dishes. Completely dejected by the mental trauma being exerted on her for the last 5 years by the government-funded Christian missionary school she was attending, the young girl consumed pesticides used in the school garden to terminate her life.

The Tamil Nadu police have begun probing the suicide of M Lavanya, a student of standard 12th in Sacred Heart Higher Secondary School, Thirukattupali in Thanjavur, Tamilnadu, based on her dying declaration where she alleged that the govt-aided Christian missionary school she went to had been pressuring her to convert to Christianity.

SP (Superintendent of Police) Ravali Priya, speaking about the aforementioned video that went viral on social media, said that it was being spread in violation of the law. “The case is now under investigation,” she said, adding that anyone circulating or releasing the identify, photo, video, address, or dying declaration of the victimised teenager on social media would face legal prosecution under the Juvenile Justice Act and relevant IPC sections.

The initial FIR had simply mentioned that the student was residing at the hostel and that on January 9, the warden reportedly compelled her to undertake household tasks. She apparently attempted suicide because she couldn’t stand the brutality any longer.

Thanjavur Superintendent of Police Ravali Priya Gandhapuneni has, however, confirmed now that the Tamil Nadu police have registered her dying declaration and are basing the probe on it. The police are probing all angles including the allegation that Lavanya was facing pressure to convert to Christianity from the school authorities. But for this, police will have to first find the origin of the video, said the SP.

Lavanya has been living at the St. Michael’s Girls Hostel near her school for the past five years, and the Sacred Heart Higher Secondary school, where she was studying, had been pressuring her to convert to Christianity. However, Lavanya was adamant about not leaving her religion and refused to get converted.

Angered by Lavanya’s resistance, the school administration had cancelled her leave application for Pongal Celebrations. Lavanya who was supposed to visit home during her holidays was forced to do chores like cleaning toilets of the school, cooking and washing dishes. It is reported that dejected Lavanya consumed pesticides used in the school garden to end her life.

Lavanya showed signs of discomfiture on the night of January 9, where she was taken to a local clinic after continuously vomiting. The warden of the hostel called her parents and asked them to take her home. Lavanya was then admitted to Tanjore Government Medical college hospital. She was being treated in the ICU with almost 85% of her lungs intoxicated. It is being reported that Lavanya breathed her last on January 19, battling her condition in the hospital.

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