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Is it time to make Taiwan and Ukraine Nuclear powered?

Opinion by Anubhav Singh from USA published by NRI Herald Australia 14 December 2021

Is it time to make Taiwan and Ukraine Nuclear powered?

Last week satellite images of Chinese submarine in Taiwan straits is the latest attempt by China to stoke tension in east Asian nation after it was revealed Taiwan has stealthily sourced technology, components and talent from at least seven nations to help it build an underwater fleet with the potential to exact a heavy toll on any Chinese attack.

The unexpected appearance of an alleged Chinese submarine in the Taiwan Strait this week has highlighted the dangers posed by the frequent presence of military vessels in the narrow waterway, which analysts warn could ultimately spark an unintended conflict.

The Taiwan Strait is just 110 miles (180 kilometers) across at its narrowest point. It has become one of the world's military hotspots as China puts increasing pressure on self-governed Taiwan, which Chinese President Xi Jinping has vowed to bring under Beijing's control. In response, supporters of the government in Taipei, including the United States, have stepped up their military presence in the region.

As per the report published by CNN, In the last few months, Chinese jets have breached Taipei airspace multiple times. The biggest challenge for Taiwan is its small military of 175,000 personals and dependence on foreign powers for military aid despite being technical superpower for almost 3 decades. The biggest challenge for India and the west is over dependence on semiconductor from China and Taiwan. Almost 90% of total semiconductor comes from these 2 countries and if China acquires Taiwan, it will lead to China dominance and making it even more powerful. Even Russia has been provoking Ukraine since last few months.

The biggest challenge for US and NATO nations is the distance in case of full blown war against these smaller nations. If either Russia or China attack their opponents, that will instigate the other to follow the same route and if the two superpower simultaneously attack Ukraine/Taiwan it might be difficult for the NATO to defend their allies on two front. This poses the big question.

How about making Taiwan and Ukraine nuclear powered to keep the superpowers at bay.

Its high time US and Europe should start pondering at other ways of making these nations militarily strong by secretly providing them nuclear arsenals or intercontinental ballistic missiles as for China it’s a bigger risk as all the developed cities are on the Southeastern region of China which is close to Taiwan.

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