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Melbourne NRIs with Aussie Non Profit - Vedic Global finally fulfills Sushant Singh Rajput's Dream.

Australia New: NRI Herald 05 December 2021

Melbourne NRIs with Australian Non Profit-Vedic Global finally fulfills Sushant Singh Rajput's Dream

At last the Dream Tour of MCG organised by Vedic Global along with Melbourne based NRIs (Non Resident Indians) became a reality on saturday afternoon 4 December 2021 and gave restitution to all the die hard fans of SSR that they were able to fulfill one of the desire of SSR which he could not achieve in his short but remarkable life in spite of visiting Melbourne twice in his lifetime.

#JusticeForSSR became a household name in 2021 when the class bollywood actor and a great human-being Sushant Singh Rajput was found murdered in his Mumbai apartment which eventually opened the cans of worms around the sinister plots of dirty side of "BOLLYWOOD" film industry. Many powerful bollywood personalities were questioned by the India's CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) , NCB (Narcotics Control Bureau) in connection with drug trafficking, Money Laundering.

Following Sushant's death enormous indian community around the world got galvanized in a rather strange but beautiful connection and worldwide campaign #JusticeForSSR #NRIsForSSR

One of the Sushant's dream was to visit Melbourne Cricket Grounds which he could not fulfil due to his sad demise. One of Australia's renowned Not for profit along with some more Melbourne based NRIs took to their shoulders to fulfil this dream of Sushant Singh Rajput in 2020 which got delayed due to worldwide COVID-19 lockdown.

While talking to NRI Herald one of the Vedic global's representative said:

It has been more than 13 months since Sushant Singh Rajput passed away and we SSRians (terms generally used for SSR supporters & fans) all over the world are praying for justice to SSR and his family. Think of the plight of a family where he was the only son among five daughters to a widowed father and was ruling the heart of millions across the world by his sheer talent and being a nice human being.
Since we decided and made our first attempt to organise Dream tour of MCG on 13 June 2021, a lot of hurdles came through. First it was due to COVID and later for various other reasons that the tour had to be cancelled 3-4 times. The die hard fans were losing hope like they are feeling due to delay in justice being provided to SSR. However, thank God it became a reality with our persistent efforts and never losing hope today and we hope the justice to SSR will also soon be a reality.

Vedic Global team organised a heart touching and heartfelt tribute to SSR at the lawns of MCG in front of gate no. 3 where the Vedic Global team set up SSR’s banner, his life size cut out and photo sent by a die hard fan Sonia from Sydney. The fans lit diya, paid floral tribute, remembered SSR and his contribution including singing SSR’s favorite songs, and praying and taking vow to not to settle before justice is delivered to SSR. After tribute were paid to SSR outside MCG attended by over 35 die hard fans of SSR and Vedic Global team all moved to gate number 3 of MCG.

Sushant's fans were welcomed by a friendly staff of MCG and a experienced guide Ian who took the around MCG showing prominent places filled with history of cricket which was really educating and enlightening. During the entire tour #SSRians were holding placards wearing SSR’s T- Shirt, holding banner and most importantly remembering and having the feeling that SSR is spiritually with all of them thanking them that #SSRians have been able to fulfill his dream.

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