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Bollywood Megastar SRK's son Aryan Khan detained with cocaine and MDMA on a cruise ship.

News reported by Anubhav Singh from US & Published by NRI Herald Australia, 03 Oct 2021

Bollywood Megastar SRK's son detained with cocaine and MDMA on a cruise ship.

Shahrukh Khan's son has been detained along with 10 others during a drug bust by a team of India's Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) on a cruise ship off Mumbai coast. NCB ship, seized drugs such as cocaine, hashish and MD and found the people aboard in possession of the drugs.

ANI reported via tweet:

Drugs has plagued Bollywood since over 2 decades. Few years back the same megastar’s wife Gauri Khan was nabbed at the Berlin airport in possession of Marijuana but was released due to small quantity. Many Bollywood celebrities were found in possession of the drugs last year but were let go due to weak narcotics law in India. Looks like one line from a major Bollywood movie is apt here:

Bollywood kehta hai drugs se bada koi dhanda nahi, Drugs se Bada koi majhab nahi, ab yahi kalma hai aur yahi majhab.

Hope the Indian government comes up with a stronger law tackling the drug menace in the country.

With the Taliban at the helm, India,and Russia-led Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) have been vary of Taliban increase in drug trafficking from Afghanistan. In April, Indian navy intercepted a Sri Lankan shipping vessel carrying 3000 crore worth heroin off Kerala coast. Then in July, 300 kg of heroin seized at Jawahar port in Mumbai. In September another big consignment from Afghanistan worth 3000 kg was caught at Mundra port in Gujarat. Few days back another consignment carrying narcotics between cotton mattresses heading to Australia was caught at Mumbai airport. In the coming days, we might see more such news across the world and Asia Pacific and Europe will have to cooperate to tackle the menace.

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