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Scott Morrison takes on Khalistan Separatism in Australia, AHA calls for debate on Bhindranwale.

News reported by NRI Herald 20th May 2022

Picture Source: Social Media

Recently a video from Australia went viral on social media creating a stir within the Indian-Australian community. The long overdue debate of anti-India & anti-Hindu Khalistan movement (backed by Pakistani Islamist deep state) was suddenly reignited with just a single question asked to the Prime Minister of Australia.

The Hindu Council of Australia (HCA), on 14th of May22 had organised an event with prime-minister Scott Morrison as the chief-guest when a gentleman in the crowd asked a question about the anti-India Khalistani separatist movement being active in Australia while naming and accusing an individual called "Amar Singh" to be involved in it. An allegation was made about the separatists intending to divide India (Actual quotes in the video and written assertions below).

Questioner sought response from the PM Scott Morrison by saying:

"Mr. Amar Singh who is also associated with Maria (Maria Kovacic is a Liberal Candidate from NSW, Sydney, Parramatta) are one of the separatist forces and wants to divide India. We as Hindus, We as Indians do not and can not support any forces who wants to divide India from Australian ground. We can not support that."

Maria Kovacic, the Liberal party candidate for Parramatta, in a recent event, received support from the contentious leader Amar Singh. The event was also attended by Liberal Party MP and immigration minister of Australia Mr Alex Hawke, as reported by Indian international news portal OpIndia.

Alex Hawk , Maria Kovacic & Alleged Khalistani Amar Singh
Picture Source : OpIndia
"Its unfortunate that Ms Maria is standing with Amar Singh who openly wants Khalistan", Questioner further added

Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morison responded affirmatively and said:

"Australia is a multicultural society and the conflicts which are occurring in home countries have no place in Australia. What we want in this country is the cultural richness, Absolutely"
"But the conflicts or lack of tolerance or hatred or violence which are occurring in other parts of the world have no place in Australia. That can not stay in Australia" added PM Scott Morrison

PM Scott Morison's response was welcomed by the hundreds of audience mainly from Indian-Australian community with the slogans of "Bharat Mata ki Jai" (Hail Mother India).

Australian Hindu Association calls for debate on Bhindranwale and Khalistani Terror in Australia.

Another renowned Hindu organisation, the AHA (Australian Hindu Association) tweeted from its official handle :

"AHA calls for debate on Bhindranwale & Khalistani terror in Australia"

AHA’s Press release states:

"While the breach of protocol at the event organised with the liberal party by the Hindu Council of Australia on 14th May 2022 is regrettable, the issue of Khalitan terror raised by the questioner is a most pertinent one."-AHA said
"The threat of Khalistan terror in Australia is real, particularly given that the banned terrorist outfit- Sikhs for Justice has established a presence in Australia. There is a worrisome trend in Australia of pictures of Jarnail Singh Bidranwale adorning the walls of various Sikh religious institutions."- AHA added
"Bhindranwale is the same man who was responsible for a wave of terror in India's Punjab in the 1980 which saw more that 20,000 Hindus, Sikhs and other Indians killed."- AHA added

Australian Hindus come forward in support:

Qualified Historian and a Member of Hindu Federation of Australia Mrityunjay Singh came forward and explained the entire situation.

Hindu Council of Australia (HCA) have formally provided their response to the incident via tweet which stating:

"HCA deplores the incident and asks the community to keep harmony between groups"
"Whatever questions were asked on the stage were the questions HCA intended to ask, there weren't anymore. If anyone wants, we are happy to discuss and clarify this"- HCA Further clarified

HCA's Detailed response could be read at the below tweet:

HCA has further issued a statement yesterday on the unwarranted attacks on Hindus

"Further inflammatory material against Hindus is being circulated since today morning"
"Hindu Council team had a meeting with the Ministry of Multi-culture today. We have handed over the offensive material to them and asked their help to defend Hindus against these unwarranted attacks. We have also asked them to help diffuse the tension being created by mischievous elements who don’t like to see peaceful relations between Hindus and Sikhs."-HCA added
"Our efforts to diffuse the situation have not succeeded. We are confident that the department will act swiftly, stop further insults and offense against Hindus and restore communal harmony." HCA Further added