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Sydney Revesby Gurudwara denies authorship of letter vilifying Hindus, AHA to file police complaint.

News by NRI Herald Australia, 23rd May 2022

In a recent viral letter bearing Sydney's Revesby Gurudwara address taking rounds on social media has again demonstrated the level of hatred peaceful Hindus living in Australia had to face in recent times. The sickening and nauseating language used against Hindus and their religion in the letter have made the Australia-Hindu community so furious that Australian Hindu Association Inc (Australian Registered Non-Profit) represented by their lawyers Opal Legal had to initiate the legal proceedings against the perpetrators.

NRI Herald got hold of the copy of the vulgar letter from its sources but due to extremely outrageous language abusing Hindus and their religion being used in the letter could instigate communal tensions. NRI Herald media network has decided to not to make the vulgar letter public in this article.

Australian Hindu Association press release.

Australian Hindu Association represented by its lawyers Opal Legal who raised this matter first have released a press statement from their official twitter handle which states:

"Revesby Gurdwara denies authorship of letter vilifying Hindus; police complaint to be made. Letter was written by 'a semi-literate buffoon'

The AHA press release further stated that:

On 19 May 2022, the Australian Hindu Association had been provided with a four-page letter carrying the address of Revesby Gurudwara – 14-16 The River Road, Revesby. The letter, addressed to PM Scott Morrison, was purportedly from Sikh Gurudwara Council of Australia, Akhand Kirtani Jatha Austrlaia (sic) “and other Sikh organisations.”
The letter goes on to make various concocted and repugnant statements about Hindu dieties. It also claims that,“…Hindu in Persia means “chor [thief], dakoo [dacoit], raahzan [waylayer], and Ghulam [slave].” It opines that “RSS/Brahmins…should have no place in a country like Australia.” - AHA Press release added

AHA press release further stated:

"Members of the AHA were furious upon reading the contents of the letter. However, it is clear that the letter has been written by a semi-literate buffoon."
"The letter glorifies the deceased terrorist – Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, lauds the superiority of the Khalsa Empire and promotes the separatist Khalistan movement ."- AHA Press release added

The letter also says that AHA will now lodge a complaint with NSW police to investigate whether the author/s of the letter committed the offence of publicly inciting violence on the grounds of religion contrary to section 93Z of the Crimes Act (NSW), the offence of dealing with identification information contrary to s 192J of the Crimes Act or any other offence.

"The letter was created on a Word document at 1:18pm on 17 May 2022 and has been circulated on various WhatsApp groups."- AHA added

In a response to AHA's lawyers legal notice Gurpreet Singh- Secretary of the Reversby Gurudwara Formally known as Sri Guru Singh Sabah) states that the letter is not Authentic.

“We regret that our address has been misused for the reasons best known to them and we have initiated the enquiry forthwith regarding the misuse of our address for creating a disharmony among Sikhs and Hindus who have been living together in peace and we strongly condemn these activities."
“Amar Singh of Turban 4 Australia is separate organisation and has nothing to do with committee of Sri Guru Singh Sabah Revesby,” Gurpreet Singh states.

Press release of AHA also mentioned that:

"The letter is a crude version of a tool-kit used by a cabal of academics, journalists, writers and other Hinduphobic forces. Their modus operandi is to paint Hinduism as oppressive, discriminatory and primitive while glorifying breaking-India forces."
"Australian Hindus will no longer tolerate such crass, vulgar and hateful attacks on them. AHA will use all legal remedies available to it to expose and punish these Hinduphobic forces – both of the crude and of the sophisticated variety."
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