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"Racist"&"Jealous" UK: Why India must handle the COVID racism by UK with an "Iron Fist" this time.

Opinion published by NRI Herald Australia, 23 September 2021

"Racist"&"Jealous" UK : India must handle the COVID racism by England with an "Iron Fist" this time.

Britain’s decision to force visitors from India to quarantine for 10 days even if they have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 has been blasted as “racist”, “unscientific” and “utterly bizarre”


The ordeal of the depredation by 300 years of oppression, million of rapes, History's biggest genocide and systematic devastation of the great civilisation of India which was one of the most prosperous country in 15th century AD by United Kingdom was not enough that London has shown it's true colors once again.

UK has recently imposed bizarre restrictions on Indian Travellers travelling to UK:

  • Both countries have made widespread use of the AstraZeneca-Oxford jab – known in India as Covishield – for their Covid-19 vaccination drives

  • Yet unlike vaccinated travellers from other countries, Indians travelling to the UK must undergo a 10-day quarantine – even if fully vaccinated by the same jab which UK citizens are getting in their own country.

Both countries have made widespread use of the AstraZeneca-Oxford jab – known in India as Covishield – for their vaccination drives, with Britain even taking delivery of about 5 million doses made under licence by the Serum Institute of India before the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer halted exports amid a devastating second wave of the virus earlier this year.

Yet unlike vaccinated travellers from other countries – or British nationals themselves – vaccinated Indians travelling to the UK must now undergo a 10-day quarantine, complete with two rounds of compulsory testing, even if they have received the AstraZeneca-Oxford jab.


India's Foreign Secretary Harsh Shringla rightly said that:

India found the non-recognition of the Covishield vaccine as discriminatory and indicated that reciprocal measures might have to be taken. He also mentioned that Covishield is a licensed product of UK government, manufactured in India and that 5 million vaccines were also given to govt of UK.

The stance by the UK smacks of a colonialist mentality which should be condemned in the strongest terms and entire India along with the Indian diaspora is doing exactly the same.

Shabir Madhi, a vaccinologist at Johannesburg’s University while talking to Indian daily the Times of India said:

If they truly believe that these vaccines are sub-optimal--which they are not-- they should provide the evidence to support this"

After looking and worldwide backlash by Indians, UK High commission in News delhi said:

We are engaging with the Government of India to explore how we could expand the UK recognition of vaccine certification to people vaccinated by a relevant public health body in India,' the official added.


At peak of COVID waves UK registered 2022 deaths per million, for India the numbers were around 1366 and that happened despite UK boasting of world class hospitals and great living conditions. India, despite a very high population density, managed to keep mortality rate very low and then India stunned the whole world with its homemade vaccines. UK or any of the western Country wasn’t ready for an India like that. India, then went on to create new records in vaccination.

The vaccination program in India is being administered and executed through a specialised portal called CoWin which has no parallel in the world right from searching for a vaccine site, to filtering on the basis of age, vaccine, dose, date, state and city, to downloading Vaccine certificates, CoWin portal has everything.

Technologically Challenged Brits

The vaccine certificate itself is possibly the most detailed in the world, replete with information like vaccine, vaccine dose, hospital and even the medical staff’s name. It even has a QR code which anyone anywhere in the world can scan and download vaccine information (picture below).

Covid Vaccine Certificates distributed by Gov of India

This was too much for the UK, that uses Covid certificates like these (picture below). Yeah these are hand written notes with exactly zero data Security measures. Anyone can scribble anything on them. And that’s standardised document for the UK.

Handwritten oldschool COVID Vaccination slips distributed by UK

So, UK’s behaviour towards India is definitely racist but it also stems from the fact that the Technically Challenged Brits couldn’t understand the technological marvel that India’s vaccination program is.

We have grown up listening to stories about the beautiful roads, the civic sense, pretty cars, jobs, opportunities and technological prowess of the west. It’s amusing to see them struggling to fathom India’s technological advancement for a change. And it won’t be the last. and this could prove to be their worst mistake in recent times.

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