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Muhammad Aziz:UoW student from Pakistan found guilty of threatening 3 women with "Rape"- Court finds

News Published by NRI Herald Australia 12 October 2021

An International student of University of Wollongong from Pakistan will leave Australia after court found him guilty of threatening 3 females with "Rape".

As per report published in Australian news portal The Daily Telegraph, The 21-year-old is a Pakistani international student studying engineering at the University of Wollongong, and was charged earlier this year after three women reported he approached them and told them “someone would rape them” on two separate occasions at the uni campus.

In Wollongong Local Court on Tuesday, his defence lawyer Patrick Schmidt told Magistrate Gabriel Flemming his client made the comments in response to racial remarks made by the women.

“He heard racist words toward home but conceded it was inappropriate,” Mr Schmidt said.

“He tells me he was racially abused and he hurled whatever words he could think of in the heat of the moment.”

He also told the court that Aziz had been kicked out of student accomodation and that his family were shocked and disappointed by his actions, and that his family were sending him back to Pakistan as a result.

However as per reports by The Daily Telegraph, police prosecutor Sergeant Dave Weaver rejected the claim there was any racial comments made toward Aziz, saying one woman was wearing earphones at the time she was approached by Aziz, while the other two were in a conversation with each other.

“I don’t accept the defendant’s assertion that he was a victim of racist language,” he said.

“(The first woman) was listening to music and for some reason she noticed him and hurled racist abuse? Quite frankly I submit that’s nonsense.

“These are disgusting offences”.

Magistrate Fleming agreed they were serious offences and that his behaviour was “extremely offensive”.

“There was a threat of violence, they were fearful, they thought they were going to get hurt because you said so,” she told Aziz.

“They were scared, terrified.

“You have lost everything because of this, your opportunity to finish the course, the

opportunity to stay and work and it would appear you’ve lost the trust of your family.”

Magistrate Flemming imposed the conviction and fined Mohammad Aziz with $3000.

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