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Om Veg Melbourne- serving humanity with selfless social service during COVID.

Reported by A. Narang, Published by NRI Herald- 25 July 2021

As the great Indian sage, Swami Vivekananda once said:

“The only way to rise is by doing the duty next to us, and thus gathering strength, go on until we reach the highest.”

Sharma family from Melbourne has made the selfless social service as their foremost duty. They started Om Vegetarian restaurant in 2010 with a mission to provide affordable food by serving meals at only $6.50. The objective was to ensure that no one goes to bed with empty stomach.

Mr. Suraj Kumar Sharma and his wife Meenakshi Sharma started this family business 2 decades ago when they migrated from India and have served thousands of meals which includes 3 curries, naan and rice and it doesn’t end there. They followed the concept of “Thali”, which is a very common concept in India where you can refill anything until you are full, in other words eat as much as you can but at a bare $6.50.

They have now found a new purpose which aligns with their original mission and started serving free food in Melbourne to feed the homeless and needy since the lockdowns began. They have been joined by their son Samrat and daughter-in-law Ravneet in this great cause who bring in a new perspective and have now partnered with charities to expand the free food service to help more people in need.

NRI Herald spoke to Ravneet and she stated that:

“They have now partnered with Melbourne city mission, front yard youth services and the living room by youth projects to deliver 50-60 meals a day. In the past few days, they have been able to feed somewhere between 500-600 people and people felt ecstatic when they received the hot meals “

A lot of people have reached out to them asking if they could set up charity account where they can contribute. Ravneet mentioned that they are thinking about it and something might be available in the future.

They had three restaurants until last year but due to Covid they had to shut down one of the locations. With this current lockdown, they are struggling to stay afloat since there hasn’t been much Government support. Second location of their restaurant is not doing great but they haven’t stopped this selfless service. Kudos to them!

NRI Herald requests

It’s a great service to humanity by Sharmas and they are so passionate about it that in fact Samrat and Ravneet themselves deliver food to different charities. Here’s a link to their website -

We would encourage Melbournians to support them by ordering food from them. Their Thali (meal) still cost $7.50 which comes with three curries, naan and rice.

NRI Herald also requests to its readers, if you know any other such unsung heroes, please reach out to us on and we would love to do a story on them.

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