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Old "BOLLYWOOD" is dead and why NRI kids must be kept away from the new one!

Opinion by Gaurav Chauhan and published by NRI Herald-July 6, 2021

It took less than 50 years for bollywood to come from "ek ajnabee haseena se, yun mulakaat ho gayi (Kishore Kumar,1974)" to "matkau me kamariya dheere-dheere, Sayian ji Samne baithe jaam pee-re pee-re (Honey singh & Neha Kakkar, 2021)"

This blatant excretion and vomiting in the name of art on bollywood screens is quite a common site to behold these days.

NRIs, who have been living in different parts of globe have been a great patron of bollywood for the time immemorial. I still remember the days when any bollywood artist would face a huge fan following whenever he/she would land in Australia, US or Singapore. NRIs would show bollywood songs and movies to learn the art and culture of India. Those days are slain. 2021 bollywood is rigged with hinduphobia, objectification of women and complete absence of "Art". NRI kids deserve better- NRI Herald Opinionate.

Education or Nescience?

In the recent years especially after the untimely death of star "Sushant Singh Rajput" Indian diaspora around the world have come out in mass numbers for the call of boycott of bollywood. NRIs away from their homeland miss their indian culture a lot and always try to instill those cultural teachings and values in any way possible and bollywood played a vital role in it. The present day bollywood is instilling dangerous habit of alcoholism, drug addiction, sexual molestation and disrespect for law and order among kids. The impressionable brains of kids are inculcating things faster that ever due to convenient availability of information. This information once instilled in the kids brain takes years before he/she becomes an adult and starts appropriating the same information in the form of criminal acts.

Art or Indoctrination

The injection of false religious appropriations in the majorly rich hindu culture of Indian art forms in the name of secularism, especially after the emergency of 1975 which lasted for insufferable 2 years during the Congress PM Indira Gandhi have created an imbalance where artists from one particular minority religion considers this to be their fundamental right to depict hinduism in any derogatory form as they deem fit.

One of the renowned Twitter handle "Gems of Bollywood" tweets:

Why Urduwood keeps insulting Bhagwan Shiva? This one from 'critically acclaimed' Mickey Virus directed by @VarmaSaurabh Producer Shahnaab Alam. This particular song was shot in coordination with lyricist and music director Hanif Shaikh.

In some of the other series of tweets "Gems of bollywood" while bringing the recurrent insult of hindu sadhus (clerics) by muslim directors & producers of bollywood into picture; tweets:

"Dhongi Sadhu womanizes and does scams. And is upset with Lakshmi. Kalyanam Astu Film Zakhmi Sher directed by ex-Coal Minister of India Dasari Narayana Rao who booked by CBI in relation with Coal Scam Dialogs by Rahi Masoom Raza"

OTT platforms are not behind!

Amazon Prime in India have recently been under fire for hurting religious sentiments and series of FIRs were registered by the UP police against the makers of web series "Tandav".

More so, the High court of UP rejected the bail plea of the Amazon Prime's creative head for considering the seriousness of the matter and made pressing remarks against the culture of insult of hinduism being promoted in bollywood and so is being passed onto stand-up comedians these day.

These are many such cases which are coming in light these days because the sentiments and times have changed and people have started coming out on open objection to this content but the kid's brain is sensitive, it acts like a sponge and intake any information which comes to his/her behest.

A question must be asked every time an NRI parent opens any bollywood content in front of a kid is, IS IT EVEN WORTH IT?

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