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BJP did what they had to do, but what 'Hyper Hindus' doing is a WAR of idiosyncrasies.

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Pun Intended opinion by NRI Herald Australia, 6 June 2022

Woke Hindus

Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal, Delhi BJP spokesperson, were suspended from the primary membership of the BJP for remarks against Prophet Mohammad. Good step!

BJP did what they had to do in the case of Nupur Sharma. If you don't agree with your wish but are quite sure that you only know Hindu Muslims and not Bharat and Geo Politics which is quite clear. BJP is not just a party but a ruling Party. The same nonsense was done by "Sadhvi Pragya" with Mahatma Gandhi and Godse remark and was pushed into the corner which many "Hyper Hindus" don't like.

Hyper Hindus, calm down! Timings is what govern Geopolitics.

1 Cr Indians live and work in Arab Countries.. (OIC Nations). India imports more than 50% of its oil from Arab Countries.

The remittance from these 1 Cr people run in billions of dollar on which millions of family survive.

India has military bases in the Muslim nations to counter threats on India from Pakistan, and China. No doubt! Nupur quoted facts from history, but timings are what the game of geopolitics works on!! It's a game of chess, not Ludo! In case your highness (Hyper Hindus) didn't notice.

You cannot play with the life of 1 Cr People, Economy, and nation dependencies by defending a party spokesperson giving an upper hand to our enemies. Guerrilla warfare is not fought by shouting from the roof, you have to walk that even your footstep is not heard by yourself.

So stop jumping like a frog on a hot tin roof. Hyper Hindus are our biggest challenge for India, not terrorists. For example below, Meet the man (Vivek Agnihotri) who traveled to a dozen countries and claims he built India's narrative and has Zero (0) understanding of Geopolitics.

One need to understand Geopolitics, please!

Those who are dancing naked on social media on Nupur Just ponder for a second. Think of the consequences.

It took years for MJ Akbar to break into OIC. It took a lot of effort before Sushma Swaraj Ji (Ex Foreign minister) stood at OIC and speak.

  • It took a lot of effort to bring the OIC nation to India's side.

  • It took a lot of effort by EAM and NSA to push Pakistan into a corner and out of the OIC command position.

  • It took a lot of effort to ensure OIC keep their mouth shut when 370 was removed and Ram Temple was built, Kashi is in progress and Mathura will also be built. With or without "Hyper Hindus"

India can't let two amateur politicians destroy all the hard work of the last 8 years to build a nation. Stupidity can't be classified as truth even if it is true. The above letter is not for India but for OIC nations.

Congratulations! Superstores in Saudia Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain remove Indian products.

Superstores in Saudia Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain remove Indian products after insulting remarks against Prophet Muhammad by Indian PM Modi's close aide. This was the damage happening, hence the right and timely action by BJP

Many 'Hyper Hindus' bring Kamlesh Tiwari in the conversation: If you don't understand dirty politics, keep quite & listen.

Many folks quote "Kamlesh Tiwari". let's be clear that, Kamlesh Tiwari was not killed by Muslims, he was killed by folks who took supari to kill him and happens to be Muslim there are many Hindus in India who are in similar business and have major organized crime cabals.

Kamlesh Tiwari was a job done by congress + SP to provoke Hindus in UP, especially the Brahmins. When this failed to get ground they launched Yeti Narshighanand who was exposed and later went to Jail during the election which saved the Yogi govt in Uttar Pradesh, unlike West Bengal.

1. You are a Hyper Hindu because you can't see the damage caused by Nupur. Arabs are seizing the passports of Indian workers and taking them into custody.

Official statement released by Indian Mission in Qatar

2. Qatar summons Indian envoy over anti-muslim comments by members of ruling BJP party; welcomes suspension of members over the comments.

Indian official statement over summoning of Indian envoy by Qatar;

Indian envoy told Qatari authorities that, "strong action has already been taken against those who made the derogatory remarks".

Even then, the Qatar ruler’s office has reportedly canceled an official dinner for Vice-President Venkaiah Naidu as we write this oped.

Arfa Khanum's Tweet Picture

If you look at Arfa Khanum Sherwani Tweet you will know that they (Islamist Cabal) understand everything...... But when will Hyper Hindus become this smart? Doubt is what clouds my thoughts at this stage.


Hindus will keep on playing strategy and they will keep on harassing Hindus.

  • Why don't Hindus do the same with them when they laugh at Shivalinga?

Answer (Pun intended)

More than 40% of Hindus call it a fountain and many call "Shivalinga" a men's private part.

  • Get together 80% Hindus on one side and maybe then Hindus could come out of this 1000-year-old constant harassment.

CHANAKYA NITI: "When you want to win the situation, you should know what Not to Speak"

BJP is not just a political Party but a RULING Political Party and they are ruling not 'only ' Hindus but 130 Cr Indians. The most diverse country in the world.

The problem with "Hyper Hindus" on social media is that they see only 20 Cr Muslims in India while what present Indian leadership sees is 2 Billion united by a book. Hindus can't even unite on the topics of "Kashi" or "Ayodha" which are the holy land of their supreme gods and intern the very basis of their religious existence. Divided Hindus globally can not fight against a huge united community is not a possibility in fact it could be proven suicidal in some cases at present times.

PM Modi & Amit Shah are doing everything necessary for the restoration of Hindu Glory (from Rammandir to Gyanvapi to Mathura) through Legal Courses to add credibility to the plan of action...

Have you ever thought about why?

It's easy for BJP to demolish mosques & rebuild temples by just passing an ordinance since it has a brute majority, but still, PM Modi is exercising patience & following a legal course... Because He has to think of the larger picture and that's World Politics.

Support for OIC (Organization of Islamic Countries) is Paramount for Bharat on the World podium. PM Modi, NSA Ajit Doval Sir, EAM Jaishankar & MJ Akbar have invested their entire Repute & Personal Goodwill in building up a rapport with OIC.

We can't Lose it due to One Nupur Sharma. All 'Hyper Hindus' must also understand that:

1. She is Suspended & NOT Thrown out of Party

2. She is Suspended, BUT NOT Abandoned

3. Her security has also been increased by the Delhi police.

The target was not NUPUR, it was MODI, Nupur shoulders were used to fire on Modi

Remember India MeToo? The whole game was to remove MJ Akbar who was cementing ties with the Middle east. Nupur Sharma's suspension is a blessing in disguise...Her suspension makes her a National hero which gives her a good platform now. So things don't end here in fact it is just a beginning for Nupur Sharma.

Remember Rahul Gandhi's recent statement

In one of the recent interviews, Mr. Rahul Gandhi said that"केरोसिन छिड़का है बस एक चिंगारी की जरूरत है " (i.e. Kerosene is already poured, it only requires a spark) - If you think he is an idiot then you are a bigger one. He said it in the context of burning India because that is how extreme left and Islamists have been ruling Hindus for millennia.

If the middle east shut its door, no one can stop anarchy/riots in India, and on another side, the US cabal will jump in. The entire Soros cabal will play on the front foot.

Hyper Hindus might have no idea how India is fighting an invisible war every day. This is called 5th generation warfare. When Gen Bipin Rawat said 0.5 front, he didn't mean only Muslims but Hyper Hindus too.

Congress and Leftliberal (leli) online cabal run by Zoo ignited a flame in the middle east. It did force Modi Govt to take a tough stand against Nupur for the nation's sake

Now what?

If Hyper Hindus are done with chest-thumping and abusing BJP, Modi, Shah & Nadda, it's time to return back the favor with interest. Nupur is a good human being and she only stated facts but Nation is above all.

Meet one of many Hyper Hindus in the above tweet. This is their problem, can never see outside the rat hole.

Meet another one

Nupur Sharma's Episode is a perfect example of 5th gen warfare that India is facing currently...very well played by Radicals across the World.

INDIA responded fervently
India's MEA Official response to OIC

India says:

"It is regrettable that OIC Secretariat has yet again chosen to make motivated, misleading, and mischievous comments. This only exposes its divisive agenda being pursued at the behest of vested interests"- says India's MEA

"We would urge the OIC Secretariat to stop pursuing its communal approach and show due respect to all faiths and religions: Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)"

OIL Angle

The fundamentals of Geo Politics are ONLY based on OIL, ARMS, and PHARMA rest of all others are support industries.

NUPUR episode looks religious but it's actually OIL War used to arm-twist India.

India used to import only 90K Barrel Crude Oil/day from Russia till last year, but today that number has gone up to 600K Barrel crude Oil/day. Be mindful that In 2022 India has estimated the requirement of approximately 5 million Barrel Oil/day.

That means India has imported more than 11% of Crude Oil/days in 2022 from Russia which was only 1.9 % last year. Since India is getting better-negotiated rates from Russia, OPEC (major Islamist lobby) countries are worried. Once OIL is over in the Middle East in the next 30-40 years, the 1400-year-old cult will fall in no time.


Disclaimer: As advised earlier this is a pun intended opinion with a fact-based approach and NRI Herald expects an open mind from its reader base irrespective of their political inclinations before jumping the gun.

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