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Udupi Saffron Girls in India demand equal religious rights in education like Muslims,got attacked.

Opinion by NRI Herald Australia, 09 February 2022

In a recent #HijabRow which has taken the attention of entire Indian nation is no less the same medieval story of islamic supremacy over lesser beings.

The uniform regulations in educational institutions have taken a dangerous turn in Karnataka after a few Muslim students refused to follow the guidelines stating their religion to be superior than India's law and insisted that they want to wear Burqas/hijabs inside educational institutions.

On Saturday, in response girl students from every Hindu folds also hit the streets by wearing saffron shawls to protest against the attempts of Muslim students to vilify the secular atmosphere in the college by deliberately violating the rules and regulations.

The daring video of the girls in which they can be seen chanting "Jai Shree Ram" and demanding equal rights went viral on the social media.

Students demand uniformity and same rights in education as Muslims.

From an old woman used as a prop in Shaheen Bagh to the young girls in Udupi refusing to give their exams without a hijab, a sinister pattern of events is unfolding in India

Their demand is simple:

"if Muslims girls are allowed to wear Hijab or Burqa inside schools & colleges then Hindu students will also wear saffron shawls & turbans which is dear to our religion inside the same class rooms"

The popularity of Saffron Girls reached off the chart in 3 days and students from all over Karnataka have started wearing the saffron shawls in protests.

One of the twitter user Mohan Gowda posted the video on twitter which said:

"After Udupi, Kundapur, Koppa, Shivamogga, Chikkamangalore protests against hijab in schools & colleges reached Vijayapur. On Monday, Vijayapur college students protested against discrimination in schools dress code. We demand uniformity in school dress code."

Hindu Students of govt college in kundapura, Udupi have started wearing Saffron Scarfs after muslim girl students refused to come to college without Hizab.

One of the twitter user wrote:

"KUDOS to Hindu Students who are giving Befitting Reply to Hijab & Burqa by wearing Saffron stoles & headgears & raising Jai Shree Ram slogans in Udupi #Udupi#Hijab#saffronisourright"

Illegal Islamists from Bangladesh in Karnataka,India Attacked Hindu Girls wearing saffron shawls.

Theirs has been many incidents in past week where Muslim extremists penetrated inside the educational institutions with a motive to kill. As per reports, Karnataka police has arrested Abdul Majid and Rajjab from place where Hijab Protest was going on. They both were caught with weapons.

Udupi Gilrs
2 Muslims : Left Haji Abdul Majid & Right: Rajjab, Photo source Google

Many muslim extremists resorted to stone pelting and have injured various hindu girls who were peacefully protesting against the discrimination.

On Tuesday, tension prevailed at some educational institutions in Karnataka’s Udupi, Shivamogga, Bagalkote and other parts over the Hijab row. Incidents of stone-pelting and violence were reported from various parts of the state. Police reportedly resorted to lathi-charge to quell up the mob, which began pelting stones at Pre-University Colleges in various districts of the state.

According to sources, many students were injured in the stone-pelting incidents. Additional police forces have been deployed and section 144 has been imposed in various places in Karnataka to avoid any untoward incidents.

As per one of the article written by Rashmi Samant & Sharan shetty in First post, they write.

"We hate to draw these equivalences, but women in places like Iran were attacked with acid for not wearing the hijab as per the patriarchal standards of that society.
In Afghanistan, women protest every day for freedom from hijab that seeks to repress their identity, rights, and existence. Well-known #FreeFromHijab activist Masih Alinejad once famously said, “Wearing a hijab is what the Islamic Republic wants me to be, this is what the Taliban and ISIS want us to be, and this is my true self (takes off the hijab). "

Phobia is an irrational fear but my fear and the fear of millions of other women who lived under Sharia law in the Middle East is rational, so let us talk.

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