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2nd incident of Muslim extremist mob violence in Maharashtra (India) in less than a months.

News by Anubhav Singh (USA), Published by NRI Herald Australia 22 December 2021

Islamic fundamentalist group Raza Academy.

Yavatmal on Friday ( 17th December 2021) was hit with arson and vandalism as tensions prevailed in the district over an alleged controversial post

Violence gripped Maharashtra last week in allied sacrilege of prophet Mohammad, Multiple houses, vehicles & shops stone pelted and burned down yesterday night by muslim mob in Umarkhed city, Yavatmal after a post allegedly against prophet went viral. Local police station also stone pelted by muslim mob and there was an attempt to murder the police officers as well.

According to local Marathi reports, several cars, two-wheelers, commercial establishments and houses in Umarkhed of Yavatmal were attacked and pelted with stones by miscreants over a post that was doing the rounds on the internet. In addition to this, the miscreants also tried to burn down houses and shops as fire tenders were rushed to the spot to control the conflagration.

One of the twitter user shared a video after the incident where people from all walks of life came on the street against muslim mob violence, the twete said:

THOUSANDS from the Banjara community descended in the Pusad city of Yavatmal, from various districts of Maharashtra; despite Sec. 144 imposed & multiple arrests. They demand justice for Shyam Rathod who was brutally murdered with swords and knives, by peacefuls in Yavatmal.

Last month also there was a similar Muslim mob violence last month when islamic extremists from islamic fundamentalist group Raza academy vandalized properties.

The Maharashtra Police then raided the offices of fundamentalist Islamic outfit Raza Academy in connection with communal violence that had erupted in Malegaon, Nanded in Maharashtra last week. The police have so far arrested 119 accused who are alleged to be involved in violence. Second incident in less than a month does raise the question if the Maharashtra state government is doing enough to stop these extremist elements.

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