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NSW government announces $28 million including Multifaith Advisory council in presence of HCA.

News Published by NRI Herald Australia, 21st June 2022

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet has announced there will be a tripling in the state budget allocation for multicultural communities.
Picture Source: Left- SBS ; Right-Logo Hindu Council of Australia

As per the report published in multiple Australian news portals including one in (TSMH) The Sydney Morning Herald by Tom Rabe

The NSW government will set up a specialist council to advise on safety concerns around churches and mosques and engage with multi-faith communities after the pandemic underscored the importance of closing cultural divides in Sydney.

Close to $30 million will be set aside in this month’s NSW budget for the initiative, which will also support government language services and be used to increase community cultural events.

Multiculturalism Minister Mark Course said much of the funding would be invested in translation services.

“This will greatly improve our government’s translation capabilities, which in turn will make sure vital information is accessible to everyone no matter the language they speak,” Minster said as per TSMH
“Importantly, we will also be investing in a scholarship program, which will secure our state’s translation and interpreting capabilities into the future.”- Minister further added as per TSMH

As per on article on (HCA) Hindu Council website, Religious leaders welcome formation of Multifaith advisory council in NSW. In a joint statement on Friday, leaders of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies, Christian Special Religious Education, Australia National Imams Council, Hindu Council of Australia and Buddhist Council of NSW said the advisory council will give faith groups a voice to the government.

"The council's first order of business will be addressing concerns regarding the safety and security of faith institutions, which is a priority for our communities."- the religious leaders said as per HCA
"The safety and security of faith communities is critical, given the rise in racial hatred across our state"- religious leaders further added as per HCA

As per one of the other report published by SBS The NSW Jewish Board of Deputies said the funding was needed to ensure anti-Semitic attacks and abuse were eradicated.

"We have seen especially during COVID, a rise in anti-Semitism online that has translated into actions that have taken place at places of worship,"- he said as per SBS
"We've seen the Nazi swastika put up at our faith institutions. That is intimidating. An attack on one faith is an attack on all of us. And it's really important that we all take action as a collective to ensure that everybody feels safe."- He added as per SBS

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