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In India - Vote bank politics turns into a spree of lynchings and killings of Hindus by Islamists

Contributing Author Kunal Atharv, NRI Herald Australia 14th Feb 2021

Hidu youth lynched in India by Islamists
picture source: opinida; left: Hindu youth Rupesh Pandey, Right: Ex CM Jharkhand

As India’s most populous state goes to elections there suddenly seems to be a wave of communal driven incidents to polarise India’s large Muslim community. From the Burkha controversy in Karnataka to a number of mob lynchings directed at Hindus there seems to be a clear attempt to provoke a reaction from India’s Hindu community, with some fearing at a recreation of 1947 like events.

News coming out of Jharkhand is particularly disturbing where a 16 year old Hindu youth "Rupesh Pandey" was lynched by a mob of Muslims. What seems more worrisome is that there are indications of the local police attempting a cover-up of the incident by claiming that this incident happened due to a clash between Hindu and Muslim groups when Hindus were carrying out a Saraswati puja procession.

In contrast news coming from the ground claims that it was a targeted attack by Muslims when certain individuals forcefully took Rupesh away and murdered him.

Lack of credible response from Jharkhand police hasn’t gone unnoticed and 2 former chief-ministers of the state have been vocal in their criticism of the current Jharkhand chief-minister who has also been accused of going soft on the culprits.

The wave of attacks on Hindus throughout India seems to be going on unabated with disturbing news coming in today from Karnataka where Dipak, Navin and Navin’s mother were attacked by radical Islamic mobs to posting against hijab on social media. Similarly in Noida 2 Agniveer volunteers were attacked with swords for setting Watsapp status as - ‘My vote for BJP’.

It hasn’t been long since Kishan Bharvad was killed in Gujrat for a social media post some radical Islamists found offensive. The repeated lynchings of Hindus in India simply points to the fact that jihadist elements don’t fear the law of the land & have figured out that they could keep going on with their murderous frenzy in the absence of any credible law enforcement crackdown.

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