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Moninder Singh: ASQA rejects the Blacktown Labor Party's Councillor owned AAMS's Renewal of Rego.

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

#Breaking News Published by NRI Herald Australia, 14 September 2021

Moninder Singh: ASQA rejects the Blacktown Labor Party's Councillor owned AAMS's Renewal of Rego.

1st Cancellation

In a latest news Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) has rejected the Application of Labor Party's Blacktown Councillor Moninder Singh's owned Australian Academy of Management & Science (AAMS).

Moninder singh
Snapshot from ASQA website of rejection of AAMS reg Application
LinkedIn Profile of Moninder singh which says he is the CEO of AAMS
LinkedIn Profile of Moninder singh which says he is the CEO of AAMS

Though the ASQA website under the provider number 91354 (snapshot below) states that the "date of decision" is 12 september 2018 but the "effective date" is 1 July 2021. One of NRI Herald's trusted source have told us on the basis of anonymity, that Moninder singh appealed against this rejection in 2018 and it took 3 years before the appeal was rejected and finally this decision is effective from the aforesaid date.

Media release on 1 october 2018 by ASQA in relation to Australian Academy of Management & Science Pty Ltd (RTO number 91354) stated that the the application to provide Vocational Education and training (VET) services had been rejected and the decision to take effect from 24th October 2018.

The media release also states that:

Training providers subject to an adverse regulatory decision have the right to have the decision reviewed. During a review or reconsideration process, the provider may seek a stay of the decision or an extension of the date of the decision takes effect which permits the provider to continue to operate until the review process is finalised.

Moninder Singh who is also the present sitting councillor from Blacktown Council from the ticket of Labor Party of NSW was elected in 2016.

Blacktown council's website also says Cr Singh is also a Director of SydWest Multicultural Services Blacktown, Chair of the Punjabi Council of Australia, and former Secretary of the United Indians Association. He is also a member of Council’s Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee and the Sister City Committee.

NRI Herald 's further research on the history of Moninder Singh' owned AAMS also found out that Australian Academy of Management and Science (AAMS) was previously known as SHAH MS PROPERTY GROUP Pty Ltd

Snapshot from ASIC website.

2nd Cancellation:

Another Educational Institution by the name of Shah MS Education Group Pty Ltd registration, whome Moninder's wife Komal Preet Kaur was CEO of from 2015 to 2016 has been cancelled by ASQA.

Snapshot from ASQA website

The ASQA website also says:

Regulatory decisions below are decisions that are pending, yet to take effect, currently under review or in effect. No records to display.
snapshot from ASQA website

The current sitting CEO as per ASQA website of this VET institution (Shah MS Education Group Pty Ltd) is Mr Geoffrey Leighton Farrell

snapshot from ASQA website.

Historical Baggage

As per the report published by the The Daily Telegraph in 2017 Moninder Singh's (the sitting Blacktown councillor at that point of time in 2017 and a former director of the defunct New Ridge property group) name came in the controversy in which a couple siphoned-off for $5 million asked for Moninder Singh's resignation. The report said:

FIJIAN and Filipino migrants in Western Sydney, who were fleeced for $5 million by a now-bankrupt property development company, will picket Blacktown Council today to call for the resignation of Labor councillor Moninder Singh.

As per the report;

Kumar, 57, an IT specialist, worked nights at Coles stacking shelves, while Rosie, 55, worked at Coles by day and as an agency nurse by night. The hard work paid off in 2006 when Kumar hand-built their dream home in Merrylands. A comfortable retirement beckoned. But then they met Blacktown Labor Councillor Moninder Singh and real estate agents Kulwant Singh and Mandhir Singh Sandha, the BMW-driving directors of the now bankrupt New Ridge property group.

The report further said:

They were offered a deal to lend the company $200,000 in return for 20 per cent interest.
The trusting couple and their daughter were flown to Cairns to inspect property, put up at The Lakes resort and spa, and wined and dined with other “investors”.
“They sweet-talked us,” says Kumar. “After they sold my property we became friends with them.”
The couple took out an investment loan of $200,000 and gave it to New Ridge. Before long, the interest payments “stopped suddenly”.

Like Filipino couple, Ignacio and Letitia DeCastro, they had lost their life’s savings in the failed scheme.

But Kumars say a “ray of hope” came last year when the DeCastros successfully sued Moninder and other directors of New Ridge, who were ordered by the District Court to pay them a total of $358,330.68 plus costs.

As per the report, Judge Robert Montgomery said he was:

“concerned as to truthfulness and reliability of the evidence given by … Moninder”.

The judge also said that, between 2004 and 2006, Moninder also was director of another company, Shah MS Property Group, which owed 31 private loans totalling $4,695,734.00.

Shah thereafter became Australian Academy of Management and Science Pty Limited (AAMS), operating at Quakers Hill.

Though Mr Singh rejected the claim as per the report published by SBS in 2017.

“I reject absolutely the false claims that I was dishonest in any dealings business or otherwise,” councillor Dr Moninder Singh said.