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Mahamrityunjay: Indians & Australians come together to create a unique Musical & Spiritual marvel.

News Published by NRI Herald Australia, 03 October 2021

Australia, and more specifically Sydney, has been recently going through a period of great hardship due to a curfew and lock-down imposed by the Corona pandemic. Rather than spending one’s time feeling hopeless and depressed a talented team of people decided to get together and do something to uplift people mentally and spiritually in this time of crisis. What better way of warding off death, disease and depression than by reciting Lord Shiva’s Maha Mrityunjay mantra and so they decided to create a project to record the recitation of the mantra by a group of local singers in Sydney. They were fortunate to get the support of well-known bhajan singer Shri Anup Jalota ji and music director Shri Nikhil Kamath ji and hence could create a very unique and modern sounding rendition of this mantra.

Mahamrityunjay: Indians & Australians come together to create a musical spiritual marvel.

What is remarkable is that all the singers in Sydney who participated in it recorded their audio and video tracks completely at home while they were in isolation and in a lock-down. The passion and dedication of the singers has more than made up for the lack of professional recording by people/equipment and the overall effect is very soothing, peaceful and contemporary. What is also interesting is that people from different faiths, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christians, came together to sing this mantra, thereby depicting the lofty moral of unity in plurality, which Lord Shiva stood for.

They are planning the release of this chanting of Maha Mritunjay Mantra on the second weekend of October. This project has been completely funded through self-donations and their main objective is to spread Lord Shiva’s message of peace and progress in the world by praying for driving away death, disease and depression. They would like this message to reach as many people as possible worldwide and bring joy and happiness in their lives.

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