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#Lakhimpur:Unruly elements kill 3 BJP workers: Opposition politicizes "Dead bodies" as total 8 dies.

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

India News published by NRI Herald Australia 04 October 2021

#Lakhimpur:India's extremist fake Farmers kill 4 innocent people- Opposition does "Bodies" politics.

Eight people have died including innocent BJP workers who were just drivers due to attack by so called ‘farmers’ at Lakhimpur Kheri, Uttar Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has called the incident unfortunate and said that the government is committed to bring to justice those responsible for the same.

"Those responsible for the same will be dealt with strictly,” a statement by UP govt said.

Further, the government has appealed to people to stay at home and not to get influenced by other people and maintain peace.

MoS AK Mishra envoy attached with sticks and stones

As per reports by ANI MoS Ajay Mishra says on 4th October:

"Some unruly elements attacked our workers, killed 4-5 of them. I was in Banbirpur from 9 am till the end...I have not been at (incident) spot for 2 days...It could be that they don't like me & using politics"

Disturbing visuals have emerged from Lakhimpur Kheri where some people wearing turban, identified as ‘protesting farmers’, could be seen beating up people. Fake ‘Farmers’ have claimed the incident took place after MoS A K Mishra’s son ‘deliberately’ ran the car over the ‘protesting farmers’ even though as per NRI Herald sources the MoS son did not even chose the aforesaid route as he already had the information of extremism by the fake farmers.

As per reports published by many Indian new portals like OpIndia, Another video has emerged where one person, likely a BJP worker from the car that was overturned by ‘farmers’, can be seen beaten up by the mob. After seemingly beaten up the mob he could be heard admitting that he was sent by MoS Mishra to observe the situation, but the mob continues to get him to ‘confess’ he was sent to ‘run over the farmers’. However, in the above video, he pleads that he be spared and does not say what the mob wanted him to say. It is not yet clear whether the man being beaten up to death in the above viral video is this same man.

It is not clear if the persons being beaten up by so called ‘farmers’ in the above video have succumbed to injuries. In a slightly longer video (below), one can hear the ‘protesting farmers’ shouting and calling for violence against those believed to be BJP workers and asking bystanders to not record the video.

Following the incident, the Uttar Pradesh government has sprung into action. ADG Law and Order Prashant Kumar has reached Lakhimpur Kheri to take stock of the situation.

Protestors brutally lynch BJP workers on false pretext:

As per reports published by India's online news portal OpIndia one of the BJP worker requested the protesters with folded hands to leave him alone but the protesters forced to lie him which he did not and then was lynched immediately with sticks

Another tweet by one of the blue ticked Twitter user shares series of videos about Lakhimpur violence :

"The one where protesters are seen forcing the driver to say that he was sent to kill them. He was apparently attacked after he refused to say what the crowd wanted him to"

#Hathras 2.0- Opposition does politics over "dead bodies"

As per NRI Herald sources, Left wing Congress party leader Priyanka Vadra who was kept under house arrest in order to control the law order situation in UP have defied the law yet again even after several requests by UP Police but her ordeal with dead body politics did not stop. She has decided to reach Lakhimpur Kheri at wee hours of 3rd October 2021. NRI Herald sources in UP have talked to us and one of the UPite said:

"Priyanka Vadra like another Gandhi family dynasts won't leave any stone unturned over these dead bodies. This is how congress and other oppositions political parties have been feeding their political agenda for ages. We have full faith on Yogi Adityanath and UP police that justice will be prevailed"

As per NRI Herald sources, Another political leader CS Azad infamous for caste based politics and provoking hindus all across india has also been detained and have been kept under house arrest in UP.

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