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Unwarranted Blasphemy Threatening Hindus And Their Freedom Of Expression.

Opinion by Bharti Kundal, edited by NRI Herald Australia, 01 Feb 2022

Left:Kishan Bharward ; Right: His 20 days old daughter ; Image courtsey - Opindia

Hindus in India are in fear as their freedom of expression can cost them their lives. In a shocking incident, a 27-year-old Hindu man Kishan Bharwad of the Dhandhuka area in India, Ahmedabad (Gujarat), has been murdered over his social media post. He was shot dead by 2 bike-borne men named Shabbir Chopda and Imtiyaz Pathan.


Kishan had posted a video on social media a few days ago. This post had an image of Jesus, Prophet Mohamed, and Krishna depicting one as the prophet, one as the son, and the other as ‘the God’. On 9th January, an FIR was filed against Bharwad for hurting religious sentiments through his post. He was arrested by the Police and later released. It is deemed that he was made to apologize to the Muslim community to maintain communal harmony.

The Conspiracy

A total of six men including 2 Islamic clerics Mohammed Ayyub Javrawala, Maulana Qamar Gani Islami have been arrested so far by the Gujarat Anti-Terror Squad. Qamar Gani also runs the organization called Tehreek-E-Farogh-E-Islami based in Daryaganj, New Delhi. Qamar Ghani is known for provocating people against blasphemous posts. He was in touch with Kishan's executors. The 2 clerics are reported to provide the weapons to execute Kishan.

Left- Muslim Maulana Qamar, Right : Muslim murderers- Shabbir & Imtiyaz

Kishan also have a 20 days old daughter who will never be able to know her father again.

One of the twitter use Mahesh Hegde Tweeted on this tragic loss.

"Look at the 20-day-old daughter of Kishan Bharwad Will she ever get justice? "

Deep-Rooted Problem

The Gujarat ATS team has also reported that the youth was radicalized by watching the videos of Pakistani clerics.

We have seen a considerable amount of such cases from India. Minority communities are exercising moral authority and punishing the victims if they found the conduct doesn't suit their definition of correct behavior in context to their religion.

In modern-day society, such a medieval thought process is a catalyst towards disaster. Governments around the world should be firm and proactive against such a school of thought.

These cases also draw attention to the fact that being a majority doesn't give immunity. Right from the Islamic invasions to British colonialism, Hindus have suffered a handful of aggressors. Often these cases do not draw the headlines in the Western media houses. There are some independent organizations like Hindu American Foundation and the Australian Hindu Association who have taken against such incidents and attempted to highlight these issues to a broader audience.

HAF's official handle tweeted:

"The concept of blasphemy does not protect religion, it kills people."

Australian Hindu Association's official handle tweeted:

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