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India's Delhi CM Kejriwal insults Kashmiri Hindu Genocide in Assembly, Faces Global Outrage.

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

News published by NRI Herald Australia 30 March 2022

Kejriwal's' Insensitive remarks

On Saturday, after Kejriwal's government presented the budget in the Delhi Assembly, Kejriwal along with back benched colleagues made insensitive remarks & gestures in a funny manner on the matter of Hindu Genocide. Kejriwal called the Kashmir Files as "Jhooti Filmein (Fake film)". His remarks have stirred Global outrage from the NRIs living around the globe.

Kejriwal went on saying:

“BJP is doing politics over the issue. We demand ‘The Kashmir Files’ film to be uploaded on YouTube. The money earned from it should be spent on welfare of Kashmiri Pandits.”

His comments came after BJP protested in the Assembly, demanding that the movie be made tax-free in Delhi, like it has been made in several other states.

Global NRI & Indian Hindus calling Kejriwal out:

within few hours of Kejriwal's statement in Delhi Assembly went viral across the globe especially NRI Hindu community who is deeply outraged over such insensitive comments from a sitting CM of a state.

One of the NRI living in Australia Mr Sachin Gaur tweeted:

Only someone as insane & cruel as AAPiya can call #KashmirFilesMovie as a lie. Its not a movie but a gut wrenching depiction of macabre massacre that Kashmiri Hindus had to go thru bcoz of Politicians like you.#ShameonKejeriwal

India's famous Author, consulting Editor & Columnist Mr Anand Ranganathan Tweeted after Kejriwal government filed FIR in Punjab (currently being ruled by AAP)

Police under the @AamAadmiParty have filed an FIR against @TajinderBagga for his remark on Kejriwal. This is the same party that has slandered and abused every man, woman, and child under the sun. So much for Freedom of Expression. I stand with Tajinder. And so should YOU.

BJP's renowned leader of Delhi Tajinder pal Singh Bagga Tweeted:

"Now you can understand why kejriwal said kashmir file is fake story and laughed"

Damage control mode but its too late:

As someone has rightly said that "Words have more power than a nuclear weapon". The same goes true for Delhi's CM Arvind Kejriwal is in damage control mode after his speech in Delhi Assembly went viral where he deemed ‘The Kashmir Files’ a movie based on ‘lies’. The Hindu community has criticized him for his insensitivity and called him out for denying Kashmiri Pandits’ genocide that led to their exodus from Kashmir valley.

In order to tone down the negative impact of the claims he had made, Kejriwal went on a damage control mode and claimed his Government gave permanent jobs to 233 Kashmiri Pandits who had been working on contracts in Delhi for decades. However, the teachers’ association of Kashmiri Pandits has denied his claims and released a detailed press note with the timeline of court cases explaining how his Government categorically tried not to give them jobs.

Rebutting Arvind Kejriwal’s claims about providing assistance to Kashmiri Pandits, Tejaswi Surya, Member of Parliament & dynamic leader of BJP's youth wing shared a screenshot of a 2015 article in which the Delhi government had ostensibly argued that those who were contractual teachers couldn’t be made regular under the terms of a Supreme Court judgement.

Surya, who’s also the president of the BJP’s youth wing wrote:

“Arvind Kejriwal is a blatant lier (sic). It was not his government that regularised the service of the Kashmiri Pandit contractual teachers teaching in Delhi schools. It happened because of a court order. Guess what was Kejriwal’s stand in court? Not surprising. He opposed it.”

Mr Ranganathan went out to expose Kejriwal's lies on live television and said:

Arvind Kejriwal is second only to WhatsApp in spreading lies. Here on @TimesNow with @navikakumar. I expose all his shameful lies on the Kashmiri Hindu issue. #KejriwalKashmirFilesRow

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