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'Being Haryanvi' a new constitution of dissent against all the abominating forces around the world.

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Opinion by NRI Herald-July 2, 2021

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Haryana is one of the 29 total states in India and contributes only 2.14% of india's population and constitutes 1.34% of the total geographical area, whereas interestingly contribute 150,000 i.e. 8% of the total soldiers in Indian Army.

Haryanvis are brave by the very nature of their upbringing. The culture of this inbuilt courage makes them nationalists and this crest of morality makes them an asset to whichever country in the world they reside in.

One can also embolden this character of courage in the field of sports where Haryana tops the charts, from world class cricketers like "Virendra Sehwag" to the Olympic wrestlers "Yogeshwar Dutt" Haryana has won the maximum number of olympic medals in the history of India since 1900 when India participated first time in any olympics, held at Paris.

As T.S Eliot famously said:

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

This above saying perfectly complements every Haryanvi in the world which also make them a die-hard nationalist. Be it fighting on the border with Islamic terrorists of Pakistan or Sissys of China OR off of it, Haryanvis were, are and will be in the forefront for the Indian Nation's honour. They just can't tolerate any disrespect to Indian national flag.

There should be no doubt in any NRI's mind after the recent incident of "Vishal Jood" which took place in Australia where a single 24 year old Haryanvi stood courageously against the violent indian separatist (allegedly khalistan sympathisers) mob of almost 300. Vishal is currently languishing in Jail for the last 4 months without any councillor access or any other help from the Indian Diplomatic mission in Australia.

One of the best friend of Vishal who is liasing in Vishal Jood's case talked to NRI Herald on the condition of anonymity, and said:

"Vishal is innocent and his only crime is that he stood for the honour of his tricolour against the mob. He is getting physically weak due to his diabetes but his fighting spirit to fight for what is fair and just is still intact. We have full faith in australian legal system that justice shall prevail.

Haryanvis are peaceful but befitting if the situation demands. Credit of their strong and powerful built also goes to their food habits. It should be interesting to know that 70% of the population of Haryana are actually vegetarians (2nd highest in India after Rajasthan) as per one of the portal

In another example, Haryanvi NRIs in Canada openly held a "Tiranga (Tricolor) Rally" (video below) in support of India's new Farm Laws passed by the Indian Parliament in 2020 even though they were threatened by the khalistani sympathisers living in canada. The same farm laws are being protested (mainly in Punjab) in India by the so-called farmers, many of whom are disrupting the way-of-life of general public in northern India.They have been sitting by blocking roads in National Capital of India for the last 8-10 months, also desecrated Indian flag at the famous Red fort on 26th January 2021 where many delhi police officers were injured protecting the honour of Indian Flag. There are many Haryanvis officers (exact data unavailable) who work in Delhi police due to its proximity to the state of Haryana.

Haryana is a state in India but "Being Haryanvi" is an emotion. It's an emotion which is seeping into the heart and mind of NRIs around the world as a dissent against all the anti-india forces who are playing either in the hands of islamists of pakistan, Khalistan sympathisers of Canada, Australia & US or well funded anti-india spy network of china. Every NRI nationalist who is standing against such forces is an "Haryanvi".

Wherever & Whenever the honour of India or the honour of any other country where Haryanvis are proudly residing around the world is being desecrated you will always find a Haryanvi standing in the first row fighting as an Archangel to restore that honour.

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