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Hindu baby beheaded inside Mother's womb in Islamist Pakistan's upper caste Muslim dominated Sindh.

News by NRI Herald Australia, 22 June 2022

Pakistani Muslim doctors killed a Hindu baby in the womb
Picture Source: Social Media

On Sunday, June 19, the staff of the government-run Rural health centre (RHC) in the Sindh province in Pakistan reportedly cut off a newborn baby’s head and left the severed head in the mother’s womb, putting the woman’s life in jeopardy.

The woman was identified as 32-year-old Hindu woman from Bheel community. She was rushed to a neighbouring hospital in Mithi, but there were no medical facilities available to treat her. Her family eventually took her to Jamshoro’s Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences (LUMHS), where the newborn’s severed head was removed from the mother’s womb, saving her life.

Bheels are often found living as landless peasants in lower Sindh, having been trapped into bonded labor by upper-caste Muslim landlords. They have, however, considerably diversified their occupational base during the past two decades, thereby lessening their dependency on landlords.

Professor Raheel Sikander, who heads the gynaecology unit of LUMHS told the media,

“The Bheel Hindu woman, who belongs to a far-flung village in Tharparkar district, had first gone to a Rural Health Centre (RHC) in her area but with no female gynaecologist available, the inexperienced staff caused her immense trauma.”-Said Mr Sikander

In a botched procedure on Sunday, a RHC staff cut off the unborn baby’s head and left it in the mother’s womb, he added.

How was the woman’s life saved?

As per report published by NewsNCR, Professor Raheel Sikander told that:

The woman’s family then brought her to LUMHS, where the rest of the newborn’s body was removed from the womb. After which the life of the victim was saved. Sikandar said that the child’s head was stuck inside and the mother’s uterus was torn.- Reported NewsNCR
Due to which the stomach had to be operated with the help of surgery and the head of the child was taken out to save his life. After the incident, Dr. Juman Bahoto, Director of Sindh Health Services, has also ordered a separate inquiry into the matter.- further Reported NewsNCR

Global Hindu Rights Activists raise voice

Australia's renowned Hindu right activist and an Indian-Australian community leader Mr Yogesh Khattar tweeted in Hindi (English Translated below):

"If the character of a nation is judged by the way it treats its minorities, it would not be wrong to call Pakistan a failed country in view of the plight of Hindus in it."-said Mr Yogesh Khattar

One of the Hindu Rights Activist from Mumbai Mr Mahesh Vasu tweeted the entire story and said:

"victim mother's name is Maluka (32) w/o Dharma Bheel, on contrary bottom body was removed after beheading the baby by nursing staff in pvt hospital at Chachro while head remained inside womb later removed in a civil hospital Hyderabad city of Sindh in Pakistan"-said Mr Vasu
"Sindh Govt falsely claims that the beheading of Hindu baby occurred in a pvt Christian hospital as the local news clearly reported it occured in Rural Hospital Chachro"- Mr Vasu further added

Pakistan government orders inquiry after reports goes viral

Only after the news of the horrifying incident went viral did the Pakistani government intervene and directed authorities to form a medical investigation board to investigate the tragedy and find the perpetrators.

According to reports, the Director-General of Sindh Health Services Dr. Juman Bahoto has also ordered separate inquiries into the case. He stated that:

"The investigation committees will look into what happened, particularly the lack of a gynaecologist and female personnel at the RHC in Chachro."- Said DG Sindh
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