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Why NRIs worldover should take stand against terrorism of India's opposition political parties, NOW!

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Opinion published by NRI Herald 31 July 2021

As, Bhagwan shree Krishna said in the battle ground of kurukshetra (Bhagavad Gita chapter 16, verse 21):

"lust, anger & greed are three doors to hell"

India's oppositions parties seems to be unlettered towards these devine words of God but NRI herald will try and explain why india's opposition parties are towards the path of hell and if NRIs do not take the stand against this terrorism now they will face the same fate soon.

Lust- Disgraceful Past

India's opposition parties have been dividing india on the basis of caste, creed and race ever since Independence, which has been one of the reason of India's skewed development even after 75 years of independence. Be it the creation of Pakistan, Hindu Genocide during partition or Hindu Genocide in Punjab during 1984 riots by extremist Khalistani sikhs there had not been even a single incident in past 75 years which does not have fingerprints of india's present opposition especially left wing extremist political party like Indian National Congress (INC).

One of the online portal gives exclusive details about the atrocities against the India's hindus in present days islamic state of pakistan and Bangladesh.

Anger- Call for Change

2014 general elections of India which was the biggest democratic exercise in the history of mankind brought every indian around the world at the center of this transformation which they had been striving for ages. BJP the right wing and the only nationalist party in the present times won hands on with 282 seats at the center. This was one of the biggest win since 1984 when the elder son of Maimuna Begum (aka Indira Gandhi). The oldest left wing extremist party INC had been reduced to only 44 seats in 2014.

It was the first time the majority hindus (1 billion in population) of india and abroad who were being treated as untouchables since 1000 years of islamic terrorists & British colonizers rule felt paramount. It was first time since the persecution of hindus begin, hindus said "enough is enough". It was the first time every Indian around the world be it NRI, OCI or living in India who was tired of blatant corruption and minority appeasement of political parties felt alleviated and hopeful.

Greed- Opposition's Power Hunger

It's been 7 years since Narendra modi became the prime minister of India twice (2014 & 2019) the same ruthless inconsiderate reaction of opposition parties continues in the India Parliament, so is their mannerisms inside the temple of democracy that in the recent summer session of indian parliament one of the MP (now suspended) of left wing extremist party INC threw papers on the speaker of the house.

In the recently concluded political elections in the state of west bengal where BJP lost saw the extreme genocide against the supporters of BJP. The situation is so bad that as per the NHRC data submitted in high court of West Bengal around 7000 women were molested across West Begal by Mamta banerjee lead TMC goons (majorly islamists) across the state in post poll violence. Even the state police of west bengal is a supporting the rapists which can be seen supporting rapists in the recent video published by India's renowned news portal "Op india " on their youtube channel.

Indian opposition's hunger for power has reached to such an unprecedented dangerous level that pro-khalistani extremists in the indian state of Punjab at the behest of INC, SAD and some spurious NGOs like SFJ (Sikhs For Justice- banned in India), asking extremists to do unlawful activities in return of money and openly calling for beheading of india's Prime Minister & Home Minister.

This is the same framework of extremism where thousands of hindus were massacred by pro-khalistanis in 1984. Wion explains in one of the video how the khalistanis has infringed inside the fake farmer protests in Punjab.

Non Resident Indians must take stand: Our future depends on it.

As per the data published by United Nations there are approximately 20 million Non Resident Indians living abroad who are contributing approximately $80 billion just by remittances in Indian banks every year. This is just the available data of NRIs which does not include Overseas citizens of India. As per the report published by Times of India approximately 320,000 OCI cards were published just in 6 years between 2015-2021. This shows the magnanimity of presence of Indian origin diaspora around the world. Majority of this NRI, OCI diaspora are nationalists and celebrate the success of India in every aspect.

This is a high time when NRI & OCI diaspora around the world can use its resources and influence around the world to terminate this overt terrorism of indian opposition political parties before it's too late.

As Bhagwan shree Krishna also says in the holy Bhagavad gita (chapter 3, verse 20-21):

The actions of a great man are an inspiration for others. Whatever he does becomes a standard for others to follow.

It's time for every NRI to introspect and ask this question

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