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Every brown-looking CEO is not an 'INDIAN'. Indian wealth creators are the real deal for India.

NRI Herald Australia, 24th April 2022

Every brown CEO is not Indian at heart.

Indians have this age old problem of loving everything 'Imported' even though it is at the expense of their own wealth creators who are working day and night for their own people instead of someone who is living abroad working for a foreign company in a foreign land.

List released by a US-based top Indian diaspora organisation recently revealed that a group of 58 Indian-origin executives are heading some of the biggest private companies in the world.

Every time a person of Indian origin become a Global CEO, Indian's either embark on Self loathing or feel as is we now control the American corporate and the person will focus on Indian Interest!

FACT is from Pepsi to Google to Microsoft to Twitter CEOs first KRA is their respective corporate Interest and the ugly truth, they are of 'only' Indian origin only.... NOT INDIAN

None has Indian Citizenship. They surrendered it long back. So Indians need to grow up and feel proud of folks in India or who carries Indian Passport.

Indians love to take pride in CEOs of Indian Origin based in other countries. But the same tribe is most hated by folks in India?

Ambani, Adani, Tata, Birla etc....

They stayed in India and created Indian products, companies for Indian people, created huge shareholder wealth for the common man, revolutionized the digital space, renewable energy sector, O&G, food supply chain, clothing, telecommunication so cheap so that headless chickens can abuse them free of cost, defense backbone, Shipping, etc etc

FACT IS, Indians are just bunch of Emotional fools. Nothing else.

Ambani-Adani have generated more Wealth & Jobs for the Nation than - 20 Satya Nadella's, 200 Sundar Pichai's & 1000 Parag Aggarwal's multiplied by 10 times, yet Ambani-Adani only get Hate in India from its self loathing "Jamaat"

India as a Nation that Worries about Brain Drain & Abuse the Wealth Creators in the Nation must know that Indian CEOs living and working in India are the real heroes of 21st Century as they are doing everything right well within their capacity to create wealth and job for Indians, by Indians and of Indians.

It’s not US and China anymore.

India is becoming the world's fastest-growing startup ecosystem with over 70 Unicorn ( A startup company with valuation of more than 1 billion dollars) Startups, 40 in 2021! but people have problem with Adani becoming the richest person in India!

  • Tata Group has 750,000 employees.

  • L&T employs 338,000 people.

  • Infosys has 279,000 employees.

  • Mahindra has 260,000 employees.

  • Reliance Industries has 236,000 people.

  • Wipro has 210,000 employees.

  • HCL has 167,000 employees.

  • HDFC Bank has 120,000 employees.

  • ICICI Bank has 97,000 employees.

  • TVS group has 60,000 employees.

Just these ten corporates together employ nearly 2.5 million Indians and give them very respectable salaries. These 25 lakh Corporate jobs is more than half of the total Central Govt jobs (48.34 lakhs)! It is also 5 times the total government jobs in a big state like Karnataka!

The Indian Government collectively provides jobs to 10 million plus people (1%) and private and organized sector provide 6-8% and rest 92 % are employed in unorganized sector.

Once the land of extreme poor, now have 6th & 10th richest person in the world.
  • Adani's net worth stands at a whopping $116.3 billion, as per Forbes' Real-Time Billionaires' list.

  • Adani Power's stock recorded a 120% growth in one month and Adani Wilmar surged more than 87% in the same period.

  • Gautam Adani became the biggest wealth creator in the world, adding ₹49 billion to take his net worth to $81 billion.

Adani Group has performed exceptionally well on the Indian stock market during the pandemic.

Shares of Adani Enterprises have jumped more than 1,000 per cent on the National Stock Exchange in Mumbai since June 2020 creating massive surge of valuable wealth creation for India that too during the global slump of Chinese Corona Virus.

Mukesh Ambani remains the richest Asian for the second year in a row, with a net worth of $103 billion, and the only Indian to rank among the ten richest billionaires of the world, as per the 2022 Hurun Global Rich List.

After Ambani and Adani, HCL’s Shiv Nadar and family became the third-richest billionaires from India with a net worth of $28 billion. Last year in August, HCL Technologies became the fourth Indian IT firm to hit the market capitalisation of ₹3 lakh crore after TCS, Infosys and Wipro.

Indian Origin US CEOs with English Accent have no idea about Indic Culture.

In one of the recent interview Sundar Pichai where he openly calls the intellectual Property of "Yoga Nidra" as Non Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR) without even mentioning Yoga has been schooled by the Executive in Wellness Industry.

"Yoga Nidra is NSDR. We can not shy away from Yog term any more- and before you correct me "Yog" is culturally correct term for yoga in Northern India.. and in Southern India-It is known as Yoga. The "a" was added by the west after being translated from Hindi to English. Aside from the cultural appropriation lesson, Yoga Nidra is incredible. You must try it!

says Emily McBurnie"

Sundar Pichai Hate Hindus

Doesn't Indian Private sector deserve respect?

Adore millionaires and billionaires. Cheer for job creators. They are creating livelihood for millions of Indians!

Do not listen to the failed socialist politicians who ruined the economic potential of 3 generations in India. If you want bright future for future generations, India needs 1000s of new corporations which create 1000s of high paying jobs!

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