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India beats New Zealand for 4th spot in Commonwealth Games 2022 medal tally.

News by NRI Herald, 09th August 2022

India is now among the top five countries in terms of the medal tally for the Commonwealth Games 2022. India is currently in fourth place with a total of 48 medals, including 17 gold medals, 12 silver medals, and 19 bronze medals.

According to the medal tally, India is now among the top five countries.

Nikhat Zareen, an Indian world champion boxer, defeated Carly MC Naul of Northern Ireland in the women's 50kg (Light Flyweight) final on Sunday at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham to win the country's third consecutive boxing gold medal of the day.

Carly thoroughly dominated Zareen throughout all three sessions, remaining true to her title as "reigning champion." She won 5-0 solely on total points.

On Sunday, Amit Panghal ended up winning one more boxing gold medal for his country by conquering England's Kiaran Macdonald in the 48-51 kg (Flyweight) final at the recurring Commonwealth Games 2022 in Birmingham.

The game was overtaken by Panghal, who won it 5-0. He won on the basis of points. Panghal made a convincing start in the initial round. Despite the fact that Panghal's English adversary wasn't really out of the fight, the judges made the decision that Panghal was the superior athlete and granted him 10 points out of a potential 20 to McD's nine.

Panghal maintained his lead in the second round by maintaining his momentum. Macdonald tried to come back but plainly couldn't match the Indian's skill and thus was defeated in the second round as well.

Nitu Ghangas won a gold medal in the women's 48 kg final at the Commonwealth Games 2022 in Birmingham on Sunday after taking down Demie-Jade Resztan of England.

She won that game on points after outscoring her English opponent 5-0. Across the game, Resztan has been no match for Ghanga's. The English boxer gave a strong fight, and even though Ghanga's won all 3 rounds with majority consent from the five judges.

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