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India's Bulldozer Justice against Illegal encroachers on public land is as essential as it is poetic

Opinion, NRI Herald Australia 20th April 2022

After recent widespread incidents of stone pelting, damage public property and widespread larceny incidents of private properties by India's Radical Muslims on the occasion of once a year Hindu celebration of supreme god "Bhagwan Ram", India's new age Justice Messiahs "Bulldozers" took to the ground.

Who would have imagined in 1945 when "Joseph Cyril Bamford Excavators Ltd" was started that one day their brand which is now popularly known as JCB will become the #Buzzword across India in 2022.

Apart from being a world-class tool to build world class infrastructure, JCBs in India are also solving the age old problem of widespread illegal encroachers and assets build from illegal means.

Last week's Islamic terror incidents across India on peaceful Hindus

The cultural and spiritual oneness of this ancient land is the superglue of this nation and civilisation. That cultural unity of their Indian people is Hinduness, whichever religion one may practice.

The smoke from the petrol bombs, clanging of swords and blood on stones from "Ram Navami" (Sacred Hindu festival of Supreme God Rama) last week have not yet faded and we have the wanton violence and attack on a "Hanuman Jayanti" procession at Delhi’s Jahangirpuri.

India in the past 10 days has witnessed violence by illegal muslims and clashes across states and is currently on edge. The famous festivals of "Hanuman Jayanti" and "Ram Navami" have been marred by sectarian violence, sparking concern that the country is becoming more polarised than ever along Hindu-Muslim lines.

From Kolkata in the east to Gujarat in the west and from Delhi in the north to Andhra Pradesh in the south — violence and mayhem by illegal muslims has broken out since last Sunday.

Some of the last week's incidents of extreme violence by violence on Ram Navami are:

Madhya Pradesh

On 10 April, clashes broke out in Khargone city when a Ram Navami procession crossed the sensitive Talab Chowk area near Jama Masjid. According to some reports, the clash broke out when some people opposed the provocative songs being played during the procession.


In Gujarat’s Khambat city of Anand district, one person was killed and another injured in a clash during a Ram Navami procession. A few shops were set on fire as well. The police used tear gas to bring the situation under control.

Khargone city in Madhya Pradesh was one of the states to witness communal clashes on Ram Navami wherein stones were hurled, vehicles torched and some houses damaged, leading to the clamping of curfew in the entire city. PTI
Khargone city in Madhya Pradesh was one of the states to witness communal clashes on Ram Navami wherein stones were hurled, vehicles torched and some houses damaged, leading to the clamping of curfew in the entire city. PTI


It all began over an altercation between Hindus and Muslims as a Hanuman Jayanti procession in Northwest Delhi’s Jahangirpuri, reached a mosque in the locality’s C Block on Saturday. Police managed to bring about a semblance of calm by forming a human chain between the two groups. However, tempers allegedly flared up over sloganeering, leading to violence.


In Karnataka's Hubbali, stone-pelting reportedly took place at a police station. “Four policemen, including one inspector, were injured,” news agency ANI reported quoting police officials.

Bulldozer Justice: On The Spot.

Those days would have been difficult for the law agencies to find the evidence of a crime committed whereas during present times due to high penetration of mobile phone its difficult to hide the truth and multiple sources are available whereby the evidences of crime being committed can be established.

Considering the lack lustre attitude of Indian courts whereby over 400 million cases are still pending and extremely slow rate of justice deliverance, this method of "On The Spot Justice" based on visible facts, evidence available is getting popular among honest tax payers across India. This latest avatar of Indian law enforcement agencies is taking Indian states by storm.

Some of the popular "Bulldozer" measures to curb Illegal encroachments taken by Indian states recently are:

Madya Pradesh

On last Thursday 14th April 2022, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan announced financial assistance to the people who lost their homes in the Khargone riots. He said that the stone pelters and the rioters will be greeted with bulldozers and will have to pay the price for damaging the properties in the state.

In one of the recent interview to Barkha Dutt, Madhya Pradesh's Home Mister "Narottam Mishra" said

My statement will be the same, bulldozers will come whenever there are riots’ said Home Minister of MP


After Madhya Pradesh, the Gujarat government executed 'bulldozer justice' in connection with the recent violence on Ram Navami in Khambhat (Gujarat). The Bhupendrabhai Patel-led government has ordered the demolition of properties belonging to the accused in the Khambhat riots.

In connection with the Khambhat violence, the Gujarat Police on Wednesday said that the violence during the Ram Navami procession was a pre-planned conspiracy. The authorities only demolished properties, mainly shops, which fall under encroachment.


The NMDC has started its anti-encroachment drive in Delhi’s Jahangirpuri area today amid a heavy police presence. As per the latest visuals from the area, bulldozers have started bringing down illegal structures, shops and other encroachments.

Just before the anti-encroachment drive began, the Delhi police and hundreds of security personnel in riot gear had conducted a surveillance of the area earlier in the morning.

Netizens Reacts.

One of the India's Managing Editor Spl. Projects & Sr Anchor, Network 18 tweeted:

"llegal structures -Demolition Drive -Bulldozer -Politics -Petition- Stay Order.But look at who petitioned,who is funding legal fees,who is lobbying for Encroachers & who is providing cover fire.Same lobby that opposed Ram Mandir,Love Jihad probe,CAA/NRC,Teen Talaq law,Farm law" said Mr Narsimhan

Sachin Gaur, one of the social activist among NRI Indian community living in Australia tweeted:

"Infiltration, rioting, unlawful encroachment, illegal activities to the core & calling bulldozer action injustice.. what an irony !! Gratitude Yogiji for showing the perfect way of treating them".

One of the India's Guest Columnist @ThePrintIndia @firstpost @eOrganiser @SwarajyaMag

Urban-Designer,"Ex-Marxist" and an Author, tweeted:

"I am loving this Bulldozer Swag"

One of the twitter user Bharti Kundal who is also the Secretary famous Australian Organisation AHA @austhindu & also a Cyber Security professional tweeted:

SC stays the illegal encroachment demolition,can we now expect the papers to come out . #kagaztohdikhanapadega#bulldozerendgame

Sandeep Dhankar, One of Proud Indian Australian of Haryanvi Roots and also telecommunication engineer tweeted after Supreme Court of India put stayed on the demolition drive to hear the petition from tomorrow onwards.

As expected frm #Melord Supreme court has stopped routine MCD anti-encroachment drive in #Jahangirpuri as appealed by adv dushman dev But PIL filed by AshwiniUpadhyay against illegal Rohingyas and Bangladeshis is still waiting since 2017 in the Supreme Court! #SupremeCourt

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