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Updated: Oct 21, 2022

News by NRI Herald Australia, 04 October 2022

IIT all set to open campus in Abu Dhabi
Picture: IIT Delhi

The Indian government intends to create branches for the country's premier technical universities, known as IITs, in a variety of different countries throughout the world. According to the most current information, the Central Government has formed a committee to look into the problem of extending IIT sites overseas.

The probable sites for offshore schools functioning under the title "Indian International Institute of Technology" have been identified in conjunction with Indian diplomatic missions overseas as the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Malaysia, and Thailand. Based on a study released to the Ministry of Education by the 17-member committee chaired by Dr. K. Radhakrishnan, leader of the IIT Council central committee, those seven countries performed well on numerous important parameters.

Based on the article, IIT Delhi has indeed begun serious negotiations with the Abu Dhabi Education Department and Knowledge just after the administration approached it about establishing a facility abroad. Furthermore, IIT Madras has talked with Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Tanzania about establishing a global campus.

According to the research, it should be structured as a residential institution, with the host nation preparing for the college's campus establishment. The committee's suggestion for student admission was that IIT global sites service the local community, with a maximum ratio of Indian students at these campuses of 20%.

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