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Aussie-Hindus racially attacked & Hindu Gods abused at Melbourne protest, Police complaint raised.

News by NRI Herald Australia , 05 June 2022

Muslims attack Australian Hindus in Melbourne Australia amid Tejasvi Surya Visit
Picture Source: Actual snapshots of the Melbourne protest site

The last week saw an interesting sequence of events unfold for the Australian Hindu community, especially for those of Indian descent. The cause being a young Indian parliamentarian and member of India’s ruling BJP government visiting Australia invited by the Australia India Youth Dialogue (AIYD).

This visit saw Australian Hindus euphoric considering the future possibilities that might open up specially in fields of tech and business for the youth of both the countries. However, this visit didn’t go down well with some of Australia’s Islamic organisations who blamed Tejasvi for Islamophobia and were soon joined by some far-left Australian organisations in protesting his visit.

Flyers of ‘Boycott Tejasvi’ started doing rounds on social media and certain organisations joined forces in planning a protest at a Melbourne venue where Tejasvi was to meet an audience and talk about initiatives being undertaken by India's current government for the welfare of their citizens and economic growth.

Some members of the Australian Hindu Association (AHA) who were supposed to be a part of Tejasvi's event's audience and started reaching the venue around the set time of 2 pm on Saturday the 4th of June 2022. As expected, visitors were greeted by scores of protestors with banners and loudspeakers protesting the event and throwing tantrums at those who were a going to be a part of the audience. Just as two AHA members were crossing the street to get into the venue they were confronted by a bearded, masked protestor of Islamic appearance who yelled in Hindi:

‘Ram hai hi nahi harami ko kaun sunta hai’, which literally translates to ‘Lord Ram is fake, who listens to the bas**rd’.- protestor shouted

The 2 AHA members including 1 female were stunned by this behaviour but showed immense maturity and calm in the face of this blatant racist and Hinduphobic attack. Instead of giving a knee-jerk reaction by confronting the attacker victims approached the police present at the venue and reported the matter. Upon seeing this conversation of victims with the police, the alleged attacker decided to cross the road, discarded his banner and attempted to disappear in the crowd.

Muslim Attacks Hindus in Melbourne 2022
Picture (highlighted in Red shade) of the protestor who allegedly hurled Hinduphobic abuses.

'Acting Sargent Byrne' from the Preston police station went looking for the man and raised the issue with a person who seemed to be the protest organiser/supervisor he (Police) identified as ’Waseem Razvi’. It seems a while later the alleged racial attacker was caught and officer Byrne questioned him on his behaviour while noting down his details.

However, it seems the organiser and the accused were quick to deny any such occurrence and even presented two witnesses to support their claim following which the police dropped this matter. We have been made to understand that a few other participating audiences were also confronted and attacked in similar manner by protestors but they chose not to escalate it fearing violence against Hindus on-site.

The incident was traumatic enough to scar the female AHA member who comes from a family of Hindu refugees who were uprooted from their homes in 1947’s bloody partition followed by creation of an Islamic Pakistan. She said her grandparents had to seek refuge in India because they were targeted due to their Hindu faith in newly created Muslim-only Pakistan, which made the country unliveable for them.

Two generations later and after migrating to a developed Western country like Australia, where one is free to follow and practise a faith of their choice without fear, she was attacked by a suspected fanatic belonging to another faith, who probably thought Australia’s freedom of expression gave him a right to attack and abuse Hindus.

While talking to NRI Herald, the female victim said on the condition of anonymity that:

"I was crossing the street where the protesters were gathering .One of the protesters hurled the abuses at my back unprovoked . Owing to the sensitivity of the situation I kept my calm and decided to talk to the Police who was present at the venue. It was shocking to hear those words against my religion and worried about this animosity against Hindus “ - said the victim

On speaking to the event organisers, NRI Herald also learnt that they had also received a lot of threats over organising this event and were thankful to the presence of police and private security personnel who ensured that the event went ahead without any security incident or violence.

Australian Democracy and Multiculturalism under attack.

It begs a question about the direction Australia’s multi-cultural society is heading towards where one group of demanding people can believe that this country’s democratic setup and principles of social cohesion give them a right to target, attack and vilify another group of people with whom they might have a historic grudge.

Is this where democracy and multiculturalism go wrong, when some immigrant groups think its fine to bring in their old grudges and sense of supremacy into their newly adopted country? That’s a topic worth pondering upon.

"What seems to be even more appalling was the coverup given to the alleged attacker by the individual ‘Waseem', who planned this protest. Instead of removing an individual accused of such a sensitive hate crime, he chose to deny the occurrence of any such happening and sided with the accused"- Said the victim.

NRI Herald has also tried to reach the Islamic Research and Education academy (website which is mentioned on "Waseem's" twitter profile) with multiple queries pertaining to this racial and religious attacks on Australian Hindus but have not received any reply yet.

Muslims Attack Hindus in Melbourne
Picture source: Twitter profile of Wasim Razvi

NRI Herald will update the article upon receiving the formal reply from IREA. Following is the snapshot of "Waseem Razvi's" twitter post where he is asking people to join the protest.

Mulsims attack Hindus in Melbourne Australia
Picture Source: Waseem Razvi Twitter post snapshot

It seems the hatred towards India’s current government which is rife in some dissenting minority groups has openly come out as hatred for Hindus and like everywhere Australian Hindus have just become collateral damage in the propaganda being run by India’s dissenting far-left and minority-religious groups who seem to have set solid base in Australia.

Tejasvi Surya speech: A revelation for the global Youth

Tejaswi in his speech yesterday hit out at independent India’s 70 years of Nehruvian socialism and secularism which in ways were aimed at demoralising and subjugating Hindus, ultimately leading to a popular notion that its fine to abuse & dehumanise Hindus and then get away with it, a notion that is being openly practiced by Australia based far-left and minority-religious dissenters who oppose today’s Indian government.

Yesterday's events also raise a question on the support provided to this protest by left-leaning Australian organisations whose members turned up in good numbers, holding banners against “Islamophobia”.

Speakers from such organisations kept talking about social cohesion, human rights and Islamophobia, but when blatant Hinduphobia reeks out from within their ranks of participating protestors, one is left wondering what happened to all the fancy moral and human rights issues they were talking about.

This attack was not an isolated incident. Hindus in Australia have to face this extremism every day at work, in their social life as well as social media. Collateral damage of a foreign war brought into a country they immigrated in pursuit of peace and better lives, Australian Hindus are left wondering if they can really have faith in the Australian system which claims to give them equal rights as everyone else but then on the other hand encourages or tends to look away when others driven by historic grudges and religious-hate choose to openly attack them, being confident that no consequences would follow.