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Petition filed at Australian Parliament against Blatant Hinduphobia & vilification of Aussie Hindus.

News Published by NRI Herald Australia, 30 September 2021

Petition filed at Australian Parliament against Blatant Hinduphobia & vilification of Aussie Hindus.

Petition EN 3280 has been filed at the Australian Parliament which requests to Recognise Hinduphobia, Ban stigmatising terms and uphold Hindu's Human Rights.

Over 1700 Australian Citizens have signed the petition till date with still 28 days to go, which has been filed at the Australian Parliament recently against blatant Hinduphobia and rise in the cases of vilification of Hindus across Australian social, political and media circles.

Petition Reasons grave risk to Hindus

Petitioners say that the recent events in Parliament and the Australian media of prejudice and bias against Hindus, pose grave risks to Hindus and all those who may be perceived as Hindus in our community. This is particularly terminology, used with impunity by Greens politicians, by activists, as well as in social media and other media, such as Hindu Supremacists, Hindu Extremists and Hindutva Extremists.

These terms target Hindus and Hinduism, they foster hatred toward Hindus, anti-immigrant sentiment, anti-Asian sentiment and encourage the general public to mischaracterize Hindus as terrorists. This damages social cohesion increases violence and has no correlation to any known risks to Australia, other countries, nor for that matter has Hindutva, which includes many aspects of ordinary Hindu cultural expression that could be captured under the stereotypes of extremism, ever been conclusively proven to comprise extremist ideology.

Petition Requests to impose ban on the use of Hinduphobic terminologies

Petitioners ask the House to impose a ban on the use of any terminology that includes the terms Hindu, Hindutva or Hinduism in relation to radicalisation, religious extremism or Supremacism in the same way as it is incorrect to use terms like Islam and Muslim, or other terms prescribing religious cultural and ethnic identities in Australia as names for terror ideology.

Similarly, we request the terminology of Hinduphobia, as per the Oxford English Dictionary be recognised as a legitimate form of bias and prejudice within Australian society and include this term within any official, governance and institutional literature alongside correlated terms.

Similar Petition asking to Stop NZ Media and Massey University Terrorising Hindus.
Similar Petition asking to Stop NZ Media and Massey University Terrorising Hindus.

Similar petition which has been signed by 700 people so far is also making rounds on the social media. Petitioners have asked to Stop NZ Media and Massey University Terrorising Hindus.

The group of petitioners in this petition says:

"We, the undersigned reject bias, prejudice, discrimination and vilification by the NZ Herald and Massey University CARE Institute against Hindus and Indian immigrants"

Petitioners further adds:

"We hold Massey University, the NZ Herald and Professor Dutta directly accountable for inciting racial and religious hatred in the New Zealand community against Indian immigrants and Hindus of NZ/Australia"

Who is Prof Dutta of Massey University & why is so Hinduphobic?
Who is Prof Dutta of Massey University & why is so Hinduphobic?
Snapshot of Prof Dutta's profile taken from Massey's university's website

In May, Dutta published a two-page white paper vilifying Hindus which said Chinmaya Mission was linked to the VHP and the VHP are terrorists, requesting NZ government to crackdown on what he calls "Cultural Hindutva" and which includes ordinary Hindu practices.

The petition says that the Facebook posts of NZ Herald articles citing Dutta vilifying Hindus and Indian immigrants have attracted anti-immigrant and anti-Indian sentiment from readers putting Hindu and Indian lives at risk. There are 121,644 Hindus in New Zealand, one of the country's fastest-growing faith groups according to the 2018 Census.

Examples include:

  • "deport these mfs"

  • "its a legal battle, same as the nutter who did the countdown stabbing they tried to get him out but was a legal nightmare. They need to pass a law to cancel any residency if any form of terror is displayed"

  • "And it not like they say hey I'm a nutter who wants to cause terror let me in and the PM says sure here you go get the f outta here. They lie throw their teeth."

  • "Ship these clowns back to their own country"

The New Zealand Hindu Council and affiliated Hindu Youth NZ claimed Dutta and the university was promoting Hinduphobia.

A NZ Herald report of 10 September 2021 'Massey University professor hit by right wing Hindu trolls' gives only one side, that of Professor Dutta's claim he was 'bashed online' by 'right-wing Hindu nationalist groups'.

NZherald Reports that Dutta was targeted by 'right-wing extremists' are unsubstantiated and there are no official charges, official statements of the police or records. There is no evidence either at the CARE Facebook page or CARE twitter handle. Professor Dutta himself engaged in bullying and harassment on his twitter account including blaming Hindus for the recent ISIS attack in NZ and the Christchurch terror attack.

Petitioners further demand a public apology from Professor Dutta, New Zealand Herald and Massey University along with the removal of hate materials at CARE Institute and the reports citing Prof Dutta in the NZ Herald.

NRI Herald asked Australian PhD scholar Sarah Gates for her thoughts

NRI Herald had a word with Sarah L Gates who is a PhD Scholar in Dharmic Ecology and Social Justice, Critical Cultural Studies & also an Ecosocial Justice Advocate around the series of Hinduphobic events in Australia and asked about her thoughts on it.

Sarah Says:

"Australian Hindu community has been under threat from false accusations made by politicians like David Shoebridge who targeted and vilified ordinary educational and cultural practices of Hindus in Australia as the activities of suspected terrorists. "

Sarah adds:

"We recognise there is a direct relation between hate speech and hate crime. Australian Hindus are a peaceful people with a vibrant culture, who have contributed immensely to the country as skilled professionals, as business people and as students, farmers and in 'gig economy' roles."

On asking about the role of NSW police and Education departments in containing these anti-hindu smear campaigns, Sarah says

"Despite the NSW Police and Education Department rejecting these smears, several media outlets here, in NZ, India and America continue to report baseless claims"


Our readers may sign both the above petitions by clicking the link below:

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