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The Saga of Islamic Hatred : Genocide of Kashmiri Hindus.

Article by Anubhav Singh (USA), published by NRI Herald Australia 23 Jan 2022

Photo source: www.hindugenocide.com

Someone rightly said once,“If there is heaven on earth, it is here, it is here.” But for Kashmiri Pandits, the original inhabitants of the valley, Kashmir was a living hell. Persecuted by extreme Islamists and deserted by their own countrymen, they have fled Kashmir and live as refugees elsewhere in the country. Though some are lucky enough to settle abroad.

The Kashmiri hindus had been a favored section of the population of the valley during Dogra rule (1846–1947). 20 per cent of them left the valley because of the 1948 Muslim riots and the 1950 land reforms, and by 1991 the Pandit population amounted to 5 per cent of the total. They began to leave in much greater numbers in the 1990s during the eruption of militancy, following persecution and threats by radical Islamists and militants.

The events of 19 January 1990 were particularly vicious. On 19th january, mosques issued declarations that the Kashmiri hindus were Kafirs and that the males had to leave Kashmir, convert to Islam, or be killed. Hindu women were forced to do nikah and convert.

The Kashmiri Muslims were instructed to identify Pandit homes so they could be systematically targeted for conversion or killing. Approximately 100,000 of the total Kashmiri Pandit population of 140,000 left the valley during the 1990s. Other authors have suggested a higher figure for the exodus, ranging from the entire population of over 150000 of a total hindu population of 200,000 to a number as high as 800,000.

Anti-hindu hatred and pro-Pakistani agenda was brewing for many decades and many hindus and army officers had been targeted. Local newspapers Aftab and Al Safa, publish a press release issued by Hizb-ul Mujahideen in 1989 to wage jihad for Jammu and Kashmir's secession from India and accession to Pakistan.

On 18th January Farooq Abdullah resigned and on 19th January masked men run amok, waving Kalashnikovs, shooting to kill and shouting anti-India slogans. Reports of killing of Hindus, begin to trickle in; there are explosions; inflammatory speeches are made from the pulpits of mosques, using public address systems meant for calling the faithful to prayers.

Walls are plastered with posters and handbills, ordering all Kashmiris to strictly follow the Islamic dress code, prohibiting the sale and consumption of alcoholic drinks and imposing a ban on video parlors and cinemas. Shops, business establishments and homes of Kashmiri Pandits, the original inhabitants of the Kashmir valley with a recorded cultural and civilizational history dating back 5,000 years, were marked out. Notices are pasted on doors of Pandit houses, peremptorily asking the occupants to leave Kashmir within 24 hours or face death and worse. Many were slaughtered, women were forced to drink the blood of their murdered husbands to save their kids.

Kashmir mei agar rehna hai, Allah-O-Akbar kehna hai'

Three taped slogans are repeatedly played the whole night from mosques: 'Kashmir mei agar rehna hai, Allah-O-Akbar kehna hai' (If you want to stay in Kashmir, you have to say Allah-O-Akbar); 'Yahan kya chalega, Nizam-e-Mustafa' (What do we want here? Rule of Shariah); 'Asi gachchi Pakistan, Batao roas te Batanev san' (We want Pakistan along with Hindu women but without their men).

In villages and towns across the Kashmir valley, terrorist hit lists have been floating about. All the names are of Kashmiri Pandits. With no government worth its name, the administration having collapsed and disappeared, the police nowhere to be seen, despondency sets in. As the night of January 19, 1990, wears itself out, despondency gives way to desperation. Thus takes place a 20th century Exodus.

This is the muslim diaspora from Kashmir settled in UK/US how they used to bribe the political parties like NC & PDP in dollar/euro to release terrorists in Kashmir before dilution of article 370.

32 years have passed but rarely anyone talks about the genocide. Many of the refugees have been living in abject conditions in refugee camps of Jammu. And the biggest travesty is those behind the genocide are roaming free brainwashing the next generation to take up weapons.

Has the war stopped, no!

Here is the educated elite of Kashmir "Aarti Tikoo" settled abroad planning a jihad against India post the dilution of article 370. Advises it’s time to come to the streets in Kashmir, attack forces; create chaos, anarchy & terror in winters so that Pakistan has enough cover fire to attack India.

If that doesn’t help Allure & trap Indian nationalist Muslims & security forces with gifts and bribes even drugs.

Unfortunately, the Hindu population have been shrinking from Jammu due to planned infiltration in Jammu region. The question is are we waiting for another genocide before we start talking about it.