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Hindu Council AUS comes down heavy on BDS after sinister & hate-filled campaign against Aussie Jews.

News Published by NRI Herald Australia, 14 January 2022

terrorist BDS & HAMAS

Hindu council of Australia has come down heavy on the Sydney Festival disruptors after sinister plot of boycott called by internationally proscribed islamic terrorist organization HAMAS backed BDS movement called for Anti-Israel, Anti-Jew boycott during Sydney Festival.

Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) Australia is a vehemently anti-Israel organization which rejects the very idea of Israel as a State in which the Jewish people, after centuries of dispossession and persecution, once again control their own lives and future. And now some BDS leaders are trying to bring that conflict here.

In one of the recent article published by Hindu Council of Australia (HCA) on their website written by HCA's vice president "Surinder Jain" with a title "No place for message of Intolerance" in The Daily Telegraph which says:

We welcome Sydney festival that embraces and exhibits the talents, cultural influences and artistic expression of so many diverse artists on an international scale.

We cannot let messages of intolerance, such as those coming from BDS Australia, be masked as messages of peace – there is nothing peaceful about exclusion. We plead with such forces to refrain from actions that affect the cultural diversity of the festival.

The Hindu faith and community has a rich artistic history. Hindu spirituality is expressed in many ways, including dance, drama, painting, architecture, sculpture and music. As a community, we embrace the artistic expression of all cultures, religions and backgrounds.

For the past 45 years, the Sydney Festival brought some of the finest artists in the world to Sydney, and in turn, has brought some of Australia’s greatest talent to an international audience. It is a celebration of diversity; an eclectic coming together of the hundreds of communities and cultures that make up Australia’s multicultural identity.

It deeply saddens the Hindu Community!

The article on HCA's website further says that:

It deeply saddens our community to see the organisers of the Sydney Festival under siege for their steadfast commitment to multiculturalism and diversity.

Mr Jain thanks the Festival organisers for remaining neutral and says:

The festival organisers have remained staunchly neutral, maintaining their commitment to embracing the rich diversity of Australian society. For this, we can only applaud their actions, which speak louder than words, to ensure international politics do not have the power to dampen the celebration of art and culture here in NSW.

So Un-Australian!

The vice president of Hindu Council further says that the Hindu community embraces the celebration of culture from all parts of the world and welcomes the comments made in the Daily Telegraph on 30 December 2021 by Mr Darren Bark.

We also reject attempts to stigmatise cultural events to provoke hatred.
It is un-Australian to promote exclusion and intolerance under the guise of international peace. Inciting social conflict within our harmonious, open-minded society here in Australia is not the way to achieve positive outcomes for those international communities living through physical conflict internationally.

The Hindu community has been showcasing its artists and culture at its annual Deepavali festival. Many of these talented artists would be honored to participate in the Sydney Festival, which provides a significant opportunity to share our cultural identity with the national and international community. We look forward to experiencing the creativity and innovation of our diverse Australian and international artists throughout January 2022.

Australians call for Australian Green Party Boycott

As per one of report from one of Australia's news portal The Australia Today, Some Greens leaders have joined together with BDS Australia in an attempt to deprive the Australian people of our diverse arts and culture through its world-famous Sydney Festival. This is contrary to the Greens own core values of social justice and peace-building. The Greens, who are supposed to make the earth and Australia more liveable for our great grandchildren seem to be spending too much of their good intentions on overseas conflicts.

One of Australia's renowned PhD scholar Sarah L Gates tweeted:

How to normalise anti Semitic activists in bed with Hamas. Boycott the Greens.

One of the other Twitter user by the name of "thecenturion" replied to Sarah's Tweet and said:

I agree with Osman Faruqi that boycotts are essential part of public life. So, lets boycott @TheGreenParty, @MehreenFaruqi & Osman Faruqi for systematic anti-Semitism and Hinduphobia

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