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GURUGRAM: Islamists launch "Land Jihad" on Public land & Children playground, misbehave with kids.

Asia News: NRI Herald Australia 8 December 2021

GURUGRAM: Islamists launch "Land Jihad" on Public land & Children playground, misbehave with kids.

The popular movement against "Land Jihad" disguised in offering namaz at public places at Gurugram in Haryana is leaping from one destination to another as in Sector 37 local residents protested after a large number of Muslims turned at a public ground to offer Friday namaz on November 19.

For the land encroachers, being slow, patient and strategic seems to have paid off. All they have to do now is act with dignity in front of cameras as they assert their new moral title to the land. They think they get to keep the land and play the victim card. The camera of mainstream media will show the other side as thugs. but, NRI Herald brings you the true story!-Please Read

Land Jihad Incident 1:

In one of the early incidents the ground encroached by Islamists is situated at Khansda village where commercial vehicles are parked besides local youths play cricket here. Residents of Khansda alleged that on Friday 12 November 2021 had misbehaved with kids of the village who were playing cricket on the ground. Hence, they will not allow any illegal occupation of the ground of their village.

As Muslims came to offer namaz, youths playing cricket refused to vacate the ground of their village. They objected public places are occupied to offer namaz despite people facing problems. The deadlock continued for around one hour when local police of Sector 10 and Sector 37 reached and took them to the police station at Sector 10 to resolve the matter through negotiation.

A local news channel Gurugram News interviewed some youths of the village who opposed the namaz at the playground of their village.

“On every holiday we come to this ground to play cricket. From the morning we were playing cricket. They (Muslims) started arriving at the ground at 12 in the afternoon and in less than an hour around 1000 Muslims assembled here. They put their mats on the ground and started offering namaz. They have mosques, rooms and other places where they can offer namaz. But for us, this is the only ground. We request them to offer namaz at mosques and rooms,” said Sachin Yadav a local resident.

Incident 2 : Women come out to join protests against Namaz at public places in Gurugram

Last month, there was a huge protest against the public offering of Namaz going on in the area. The local residents protested against the Muslim men crowding around their place and accused them of breaking law and order.

Gurugram News reported a video from the scene showing a large crowd at sector 47. According to reports, the Hindu women of the area joined the protests against the public offering of Namaz taking place in the area. In the video, it could be seen both men and women were present at the scene chanting slogans. Reportedly, the Hindu women sang devotional songs such as ‘Bhajans’ and ‘Kirtans’ to protest against the public offering of Namaz by the Muslims. Also, the report said that the Namaz offering was being carried out under full police security.

Incident 3: Gurugram- Muslim Maulvi molests a minor girl inside a mosque, booked under POCSO Act

Gurgaon/Gurugram residents were shocked and scared after this molestation incident by the Muslim Cleric. An FIR has been filed against a Muslim cleric for allegedly molesting a 9-year-old minor girl inside a mosque in Gurugram district’s Pataudi on 2021 September 27.

The incident came to light after the girl told her parents that she had been inappropriately touched by the maulvi in the mosque. Soon thereafter, a large group of villagers accosted the maulvi and roughed him up for allegedly molesting the girl. The video of the assault was apparently shot by one of the villagers who insisted that the girl was molested inside the mosque.

The anti-Land Jihad drive picked up pace after this shocking incident as residents of the surrounding area are scare for the daughters in their houses from these Muslim clerics who come in thousands every Friday in the surrounding areas and encroach on the public land.

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