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Religious fanatics lynch a man inside Sikh Golden Temple-some devotees hail cold blooded murder.

News published by NRI Herald Australia, 20 December 2021

Image countsey : Opinida

In yet another case on 18th December 2021 of lynching over alleged blasphemy, a man was killed after an alleged sacrilege at the Golden Temple in Amritsar by religious fanatics.

The incident of sacrilege happened inside the sanctum sanctorum of Darbar Sahib today evening, when regular prayers were going on. CCTV footage shows that suddenly a man entered the sanctum sanctorum and hit the holy Granth Sahib with a Kirpan. Reportedly, he had picked up the golden Kirpan from the sanctum sanctorum of the Gurudwara itself, which was placed near the holy Sikh Scripture.

He also stepped close to the Granth Sahib, which is also considered a sacrilege of the holy book.

Soon after the incident, he was surrounded by people present at the temple. Initially, he was taken into custody by Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) staff, and moved to the SGPC headquarters. But later his dead body was placed near the SGPC main gate, which suggests that he was beaten to death by the staff in the office.

After the man’s body was placed on the floor in front of SGPC office, people gathered around him and celebrated the instant justice. They chanted Sikh religious slogans to celebrate the murder - watch the video in the tweet below

Financial crimes & corporate governance lawyer Sherbir Panag tweeted and said.

The sacrilege at the Golden Temple deserves to be condemned and equally the lynching that followed thereinafter. To see state officials feign ignorance of murder is shameful. A thorough investigation must be done into both the sacrilege and murder.

Another Psychologist & German Expert from the Sikh community tweeted and said:

If Sikhs don't protest against these manufactured incidents, we will be going back to the dark age of hatred in the nineteeneighties.

One sikh MP in England with extremist mentality Preet Kaur Gill MP made a hateful statement against Hindu community via tweet to spark communal tensions in India. The tweet said:

England khalistani MP

While talking to NRI Herald, one of the social activist in Australia on the basis of anonymity said on the above tweet from English MP, that:

Some radical elements are hell bent on igniting riots in India. Poor people will lose lives same as 1980s while these religious fanatics sit comfortably in Western countries & enjoy good lives.

The Congress-led Punjab government has formed a special investigation team (SIT) to investigate the alleged case of attempted sacrilege at Harmandir Sahib Gurudwara (Golden Temple), Amritsar. The incident took place on December 18. The accused was brutally lynched to death by the devotees present on the premises.

Deputy Chief Minister Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa, who also holds the state’s home ministry portfolio, said on December 19 that the identity of the deceased person was yet to be revealed as he was not carrying any identification documents.

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