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#BoycottFabindia: A classic example of economic admonition to every brand which insult Hindu culture

Opinion published by NRI Herald Australia 19th October 2021

Hindus spend almost $10 billion nationally (India) just during the time of Diwali. Hindu NRIs expenditure data is not included. In this article NRI Herald is trying to showcase how various brands who are deliberately insulting hindu culture operating in India must think twice before losing the pie out of this $10billion.

In a recent controversy initiated by 'Not so Indian' brand FabIndia (founded by American John Bissell) where the brand have deliberately tried to insult the famous Hindu Festival "Diwali" by calling it an islamist name "Jashn-e-Riwaz" with objectionable pictures of female models in traditional Hindu attire without 'Bindis' which many islamists and christian left liberals are targeting as oppressive.

AntiHindu Fab India

This has triggered a storm of #BoycottFabindia trend on twitter and many famous Indian personalities are asking to put economic cost on such brands who are constantly insulting Hindu culture.

The your icon and the BJP Yuva Morcha chief Tejasvi surya tweeted:

"This deliberate attempt of abrahamisation of Hindu festivals, depicting models without traditional Hindu attires, must be called out. And brands like @FabindiaNews must face economic costs for such deliberate insult to hindu culture. "

CEAT Tyres:

The chairman of the parent company of CEAT Tyres Tweeted an Insulting image Hindu God Shiva in March 2021. CEAT Chairman Harsh Goenka has successfully put on naked display his abject hatred for Hindus, and also his fascination with hurting the sentiments of the community.

Now, however, Indians are calling for a #boycott of CEAT tyres. In recent past, whoever has crossed the line and tried slandering Hindus and their deities has been met with tremendous backlash on social media, whose consequences also translate most often into monetary losses for the persons concerned.

In a cryptic response to the said backlash, Harsh Goenka on Thursday tweeted, “The less you respond to negative people (including on Twitter), the more peaceful your life will be.” Goenka did not apologise in any manner for his outrageous tweets till the time this report was filed. Goenka’s tweet on Kumbh has also started circulating on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, and on messaging platform WhatsApp. It is yet to be seen if Harsh Goenka feels a sense of shame for defaming Hindus.

Actor Amir Khan & CEAT :

CEAT Tyres recently released a Hinduphobic commercial featuring Mr Perfectionist of Bollywood who is seen appealing to people not to ignite crackers with an example of Hindu Marriage ceremony on the road in this advertisement. The actor after his statement in 2014 that he feel "unsafe in India" has been termed as motivated by islamist ideology.

The actor could be seen in the commercial that he has become crazy about cricket along with children was heard saying that if our team hits sixes today, then we will also burst firecrackers, within the society. The road is for driving, not for launching rockets. Even though the same is applicable for Indian muslims who encroach on government land and roads every now and then in the name of "Namaaz"

Many tweetaratis has come forward with the call of boycotting CEAT & Amir khan.

The twitter user tweeted

"#AamirKhan & #Ceat think Roads arent for Fireworks on #Diwali! But they have nothing to say about other activities on roads? Are roads fine for Namaaz #Aamir? First it was #Maanyavar, now it is #ceattyres Show them their place shall we?#Boycott_Hinduphobic_CEAT"

Virat Kohli

On Diwali day, several celebrities take to social media platforms to not only wish Hindus but also preach about how the festival should or should not be celebrated. A similar message was posted by Virat Kohli, the captain of the Indian Cricket Team.

In the 18 second video, Virat Kohli said, “A very happy Diwali from me to you and your families. May God bless you with peace, prosperity and happiness this Diwali. Please remember do not burst crackers, protect the environment and have fun at home with your loved ones with a simple Diya and sweets on this auspicious occasion. God bless you all. Take care”.

While Hindus have taken such preaching lying down for long enough, the sanctimony is getting old and Hindus seem to be losing patience. As soon as Virat Kohli had tweeted the video, several Netizens proceeded to chastise Kohli and point out his own hypocrisy to him. It was pointed out by one Netizen that Virat Kohli does not seem to mind when crackers are burst on IPL finals.

Netizens pointed out that how crackers were burst while his wife performed, and he did not seem to mind very much.

One of the netizen said:

You play cricket, we gave you love, adulation, status, endorsements and recognition. NEVER, EVER make the mistake of imagining you are a social, religious or thought leader of the Hindus. Stop preaching, you don't have the credentials for it.

It is perhaps time for celebrities & other brands to understand that whether they are Bollywood artists, cricketers or businessman, they get adulation and admiration for their craft, however, to assume that they can preach to people and get away with their hypocrisy is nothing but pissing their fans, buyers and in fact ruining their brand image around the world. Hindus have decided to take it nomore.

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