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Dream Tour of MCG - a Tribute to SSR

Authored by Rakesh Raizada, founding Director of Vedic Global- Published by NRI Herald, 08 July 2021

Sushant's Death

It has been more than 13 months since Sushant Singh Rajput –SSR passed away and we SSRians (terms generally used for SSR supporters & fans) all over the world are praying for justice to SSR and his family. Think of the plight of a family where he was the only son among five daughters to a widowed father and was ruling the heart of millions across the world by his sheer talent and being a nice human being.

Martin Luther King Jr., in his "Letter from Birmingham Jail" used the phrase:

"justice too long delayed is justice denied"

At times one feels that his case is not getting the due attention and whether it will be ever be solved. It is clearly evident that SSR, Disha Salyan and many others have been brutally killed and a cover up to give such deaths as a "suicide" is going on for long. A few channels – big and small who took up his cause like Republic TV and how Arnab has been treated to intimidate the media has exposed the entire Bollywood cabal's hypocrisy to the world.

But in spite that many are fighting like Ujjaval Trivedi, Varun Kapoor including Republic TV supported by millions of fans across the globe that we will not let the momentum subside till he and others get justice. We feel that he was such a pious soul that his death is not going to go in vain and this Bollywood industry with its dirty money and unscrupulous practices, which includes exploiting the talented newcomers, pushing them to be a drug addict and blatant nepotism is going to be cleansed now.

The popularity of this pious soul was so much that the Honourable Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi Ji could not stop himself and tweeted:

Sushant Singh Rajput...a bright young actor gone too soon. He excelled on TV and in films. His rise in the world of entertainment inspired many and he leaves behind several memorable performances. Shocked by his passing away. My thoughts are with his family and fans. Om Shanti.

The pressure on Bollywood is such that public at large is boycotting the industry at large. I have been following the coverage since beginning though not very actively involved felt in the heart that SSR has definitely has been brutally murdered to get him out of way for very evident reasons.

Sushant's Dream

It was at this juncture, sometime in April I heard Ujjaval Trivedi on his Australian You Tube channel, which I sometimes watch, as I like his impartial and fair analysis of news, facts and presentation that he invoked SSR’s Melbourne based fans that if there is anyone who can fulfil one of the wishes of SSR to tour MCG which for various reasons he could not do out of his two visits to Melbourne.

I thought a few of the SSR fans from Melbourne will definitely raise their hands for this purpose. After waiting and seeing no one coming forward I raised my hand that I will organise this MCG tour to pay tribute to SSR and started making inquiry at MCG to how to organise the tour.

Sushant's Alchemist

At the same time I remembered a group of very passionate girls from Sydney and Melbourne who at the time of SSR’s death wanted to put up a billboard in Sydney approaching me through one of their members who knew me as they needed a support of a not for profit organisation to facilitate the billboard. I through one of my NGOs – Vedic Global helped them to put the first billboard in Sydney for SSR and called them Naari Shakti as they showed the passion, resilience and abundant love for SSR and his cause. I thought instead of moving alone for the purpose, I should involve them as well which they readily did and became an integral part of organising team for “Dream Tour of MCG – Tribute to SSR” and have been providing all the support needed.

I must acknowledge the support of a girl Zoe at MCG who picked up my phone and after I narrated her the purpose asked me to put my request in writing and since then is my point of contact and has been so helpful in organising the MCG tour going out of way to get us approvals.

We were so excited and with the full support of "Naari Shakti" (Women Power) and Vedic Global teams started planning the event permission for which came through for 13 June 2021. Ujjaval Trivedi, Varun Kapur and others started spreading the word through their channels and we were all set to pay shraddhanjali (tribute) to SSR and do a tour of MCG to fulfil one of his unfulfilled desire. We started getting messages from across the globe supporting the initiative and tickets started selling in numbers through Eventbrite.


Melbourne had to be locked down due to COVID spread and we had to postpone the MCG tour scheduled for 13 June 2021. However, we decided to not to let this day go waste and instead did a virtual Shraddhanjali on 13 June 2021 using the photo of SSR sent by an amazing fan of SSR who came in to her dream and since then she is passionately following various SSR initiatives. She had planned to fly down from Sydney to be part of the tour but God had other plans. We didn’t want to delay the MCG tour for long and got next probable date to be 27 June 2021. We again started preparing for the “Dream Tour of MCG – Tribute to SSR” and have organised printed T Shirts in the memory of SSR, placards, banners, his life size cut out but this time obstacle came in another form. Except Victoria all other states were now affected by COVID due to which all AFL games were shifted to Melbourne and MCG got overbooked and our MCG tour on 27 June 2021 has to be postponed.

As Stephen R Covey has said in his bestselling book "7 effective habits of highly effective people":

We develop character muscles by overcoming challenges and obstacles

Now we are again waiting to hear from MCG about the next available date. It seems that even God is testing our patience. We pray that by the time we will get the next date at MCG the culprits responsible for SSRs death would be booked. Let us pray and join hands for “Dream Tour of MCG – Tribute to SSR” as and when it takes place. We will keep you posted with the developments and about the future date as soon as it is available.


The writer Rakesh Raizada is Founding Director, Secretary and Public Officer of Vedic Global, President of Ramon Helps a registered charity, Managing Director of Vish Enterprises. Among many awards he is proud recipient of Indian Sun Person award at the hands of John Howard and Victorian Multicultural Award for Excellence at the hands of Premier of Victoria. He has vast experience in senior positions in banking in India, Kenya and Australia including Head of Indian and South Asian Banking with CBA

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