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Civil Disobedience : How Indian Hindus reclaimed Diwali 2021 from lawmaker's Anti Hindu "Fatwas"!

News Published by NRI Herald Australia 5 November 2021

Civil Disobedience : How Indian Hindus reclaimed Diwali 2021 from lawmaker's Anti Hindu "Fatwas"!

Diwali 2021 will go down in History as the most celebrated by Hindus worldover in a long time, especially in New Delhi where people left no stone unturned to defy every kitty-party environmentalists, Hinduphobic mylords and religiously appeasing Lawmakers.

Indian Mylords

Many Indian Mylords sitting at the helm of Indian Judiciary has a pathological addiction toward interfering into Hindu Festivals on the pretexts of climate change, animal welfare and pollution even though the Hindu festivals are the most humane in the world towards life & environment. Whereas, the same mylords stay mum on millions of animals slaughtered on EID , firecrackers burst during Christmas.

In one of the Tweet, world-famous Mystic of India, Sadguru said:

"Each day 200 million animals are slaughtered on this planet. If you are an animal-Loving, ecologically sensitive Human Being, you should cut the daily meat consumption. One day of joy-let the children have it."

It would be a grave mistake if one do not see through the well coordinated campaign in which Hindus are consistently being painted as some sort of demons. Native Hindu festivals, traditions and rituals have been under constant attack over the years. The intensity of attacks keeps on increasing with every passing day.

Fireworks is not even in Top 15 Causes of Pollution

A report submitted by IIT Kanpur in January 2016 titled “Comprehensive Study on Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gases in Delhi” submitted to govt. of NCT Delhi.

This study had five major components (i) air quality measurements, (ii) emission inventory, (iii) air quality modeling, (iv) control options and (v) action plan.

PM10 Emission Load of Different Sources in the City Of Delhi

Crackers on Diwali don't even fall in Top 15 sources of pollution whereas the road dust contributes to 56% of the pollution. Besides the above, there are several other critical aspects of this study that need to be highlighted. These are:

  • The study extended over two full seasons - both winter and summer- in Delhi.

  • The study lists out not only the severity of the pollution but also scientifically lists out the main contributors or sources of this pollution.

  • The source of the pollutant is identified by a chemical analysis of the pollutants captured in the equipment. For example: presence of Si (Silica), among others, points towards soil and road dust as the pollutants. Likewise,fly-ash towards power plants and so on.

  • Thus, this report may be treated as most scientific, comprehensive and credible as far as pollution in Delhi is concerned.

On Thursday (November 4), Indian chess grandmaster Ramachandran Ramesh endorsed the celebration of the Hindu festival ‘Diwali’ by burning firecrackers.

In a tweet, he wrote:

“Proper way to celebrate Diwali! Happy Diwali wishes to all!”

The chess wizard had shared an image of him holding a long thread of firecrackers, outside his residence. Ramachandran Ramesh thus became one of the high profile celebrities to not toe the liberal line and remain unapologetic about celebrating the Hindu festival.

As expected, he soon came under a barrage of attack by pseudo activists, left-liberal lobby and wannabe environmentalists whose sudden sense of sustainable development gets activated before Hindu festivals. One such patronising liberal, Shubhra Gupta, claimed,

“Crackers and the stubble burning puts a lot of pressure on Delhi’s already fragile atmosphere. Banning crackers seems more controllable, although not permanent solution.”

Ramachandran Ramesh cited the IIT Kanpur report and pointed out that firecrackers did not feature in the top 15 list of pollutants affecting the Air Quality Index (AQI) in the National Capital.

“Crackers is not even in the top 15 factors of pollution as per this IIT study based on science. But, let facts not come in way of narrative building. One tweet per year focusing on factors causing actual pollution will show real intent than going after soft targets.”

Civil disobedience: Hindus reclaimed their ancient festival Diwali 2021

Hindus around India posted pictures on Twitter where they defied every archaic law which Anti-Hindu lawmakers thew their way.

One of the popular BJP leader Kapil Mishra tweeted yesterday which said:

"So many firecrackers did not go on in Delhi in the last many years. People are flouting Tughlaqi (archaic) decrees, unscientific orders. Those who had stopped bursting firecrackers are also running that stop interfering in our festivals."

One of the other twitter user posted a short video of people from Bihar in which they could be seen openly saying that:

"nobody have a right to interfere in our Hindu festivals, We will burst as many crackers as we want and nobody dare to stop us"

As per some of the reports, last financial year estimates $3Billion worth firecrackers were bursted whereas this year in spite of being restrictions in place the total expenditure reached $6billion on fire crackers by Indians. This clearly shows that Indian Hindus did not give a rats fury about any archaic law which would interfere in their religious ceremony.

One of the other netizen from Hyderabad "Ashish Naredi" tweeted:

"My #CivilDisobediencce against those trying to ban #Crackers and Fireworks! Hyderabad revolts against u! India revolts against u! Anyone who thinks that Crackers r a cause of Air Pollution - U r either brainwashed or a fool! Whosoever u may be! Disagree? call me 4 a debate!"

Their had been many times previously when Mr Naredi (Researcher - Freelance Columnist WION) has shown mirror to #Fakenews pedlars around pollution levels on Diwali. In one such tweet Mr Naredi said:

"TOMORROW'S #FakeNews busted TODAY - about POLLUTION levels YESTERDAY on DIWALI! - Pls see the 2 graphs attached on Hyderabad Pollution levels on Diwali Night! - Before all 'eminent' journalists & 'woke' activists could get up - the Pollution was gone!!"

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