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Delhi:Muslim Rapist "Irfan Siddiqui" of AAP Rapes a Hindu girl,comes out on bail & kills her brother

Global news by NRI Herald Australia 24 January 2022

Hiralal Gujrati - Hindu Murdered by Muslim

On January 17, 2022, Irfan Siddiqui and his brother Shaan brutally murdered Hiralal Gujrati, a 38-year-old Hindu, in Delhi's Sultanpuri neighbourhood. Irfan had been freed from prison only a few months prior. He had been incarcerated for raping Hiralal's sister. Now, when Irfan was released from prison and killed Hiralal in retaliation, the deceased's terrified family has up a sign outside their home that reads,

"This property is for sale due to the terror of Muslims in the region."

Because Irfan has a terrifying effect in the area, the deceased's family has been compelled to evacuate. Irfan, the accused, is a cousin of AAP MLA Mukesh Ahlawat. The accused is a member of the Aam Aadmi Party, according to BJP politician Kapil Mishra in a tweet. He also uploaded a photo of Irfan Siddiqui, the AAP's minority branch chairman, on a billboard.

Kapil Mishra Tweeted:

“It has become difficult to even raise your voice for the respect of your own sister? On January 17, Mohammad Irfan openly assassinated Hira Gujrati with a knife and gunshots in Delhi’s Sultanpuri neighbourhood. Irfan was released from prison on parole in other cases of crime. The killer is the leader of AAP”.

As per one of the report published by India's news portal OpIndia,The complainant of this incident is Arjun, nephew of the deceased Hiralal. In the complaint given to the police, it is stated, “The incident happened on January 17 at around 7.30 pm. The attack on Hiralal took place in Dadia Park of B4 Colony of Sultanpuri. When Hiralal and Narsingh went to the park, Irfan and his brother Sanu were already present there. Irfan had a knife in his hand and Sanu had a pistol in his hand.

Irfan said that you sent me to jail in the rape case. Sanu instigated Irfan to kill both of them. Irfan attacked Hiralal with knives. Sanu opened fire on Hiralal and Narsingh who went to save him. Hiralal was also hit with a brick.” After the attack, both the victims were taken to Sanjay Gandhi Hospital where Hiralal was declared dead. Narsingh, 42, also sustained bullet injuries and is undergoing treatment.

According to Arjun, the murdered Hiralal's nephew,

"Behind our house, Irfan and Sanu live. Irfan had previously been involved in illicit activities such as gambling, according to him. Irfan was only detained for four months after the rape case involving my aunt, according to Arjun. We were told he was released from prison due to his involvement with Covid."

Meanwhile, Toshi, Hiralal's eldest sister, said that Irfan Siddiqui, the murderer of her brother, was well-known in Uttar Pradesh for illegal gaming and the trading of illegal weapons and ammunition.

Hiralal is a member of a Hindu Dalit family from Sultanpuri B block. Irfan, who lived across the street, was someone he knew. He was like a son to his mother. First, he raped Hiralal's sister. In this case Irfan was sentenced to prison. He assassinated Hiralal as soon as he was released from prison.

The journalist for another Indian news Portal Swajar Mag Swati Goel tweeted:

Irfan who killed Heera Singh, brother of a woman who filed rape case against Irfan last year, holds a post in Aam Aadmi Party, as per locals. Watch this ground report by @KumaarSaagar

Meanwhile, Delhi's Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal is busy in his campaigning for Elections in Punjab. Not even a single statement from the leader of the ruling party.

While others tweeted

Is everything free in Delhi? Free water, free electricity as well as free rape and free murder?Irfan raped Hira's sister in Sultanpuri and went to jail. After coming out of jail, Irfan met his brother Mohd. Together with Shaan, Heera was killed.