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Biggest Aussie bank CBA recognises exceptional community work of Hindu Federation of Australia.

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

News by NRI Herald Australia, 16 July 2022

Common Wealth Bank Recognises Hindu Community Work
Photo Source: Social Media ; Left to right: Mr Sudip Malla , Mr Shailendra Sharma, Mr Yogesh Khattar & Mr Zac Zhang

One of Australia's biggest banks "The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)" have yesterday recognized the remarkable selfless service and exceptional community work of the Hindu Federation of Australia (HFA) by making a donation of an undisclosed amount towards HFA's cause.

The Home Lending Partnership Manager of Commonwealth Bank, Mr. Zac Zhang informed it via his LinkedIn profile

Mr. Zhang on LinkedIn said:

"On behalf of Sydney East Mobile team, Sudip Malla , Sharma Shailendra and I have had the privilege to proudly present the CommBank Community Grant to Hindu Federation of Australia this week"- said Mr Zhang
"HFA's mission is to share the good of Hinduism, loving, faith and serving. And has recently supported local communities with food donations drop off, stationary donation to local schools"- Mr Zhang Added
"Thank you Yogesh Khattar and Hindu Federation of Australia, for what you've done for the community and working each and everyday to make a positive impact"- Mr Zhang concluded

While talking to NRI Herald, Mr. Yogesh Khattar from the Hindu Federation of Australia (HFA) said:

"Thank you very much to Mr Zac Zhang & His entire Sydney East Mobile team of Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) for this recognition - Said Mr Khattar
We at HFA are committed toward selfless service for the entire Australian Community and firmly believes in the teachings of Hinduism that the good you do returns to you a hundredfold! - Mr Khattar conclude
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